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Sanitation Cleans North Side of 405 Underpass; Underpass Exemplifies Los Angeles-Culver City Homeless Policy Disparity

(13 June 2019) Hats off to the Bureau of Sanitation and all their workers.  The Los Angeles portion (north side) of the 405 underpass at Venice Blvd was cleaned this morning by Sanitation.

The other side (south side) is Culver City and they had a statement taped to the wall stating that property and debris would be removed 18 June.  Property they said would be stored for 90 days and debris would be disposed.

For the first time a tent was spotted on the Culver City side.  Councilman Mike Bonin has proposed that other cities share in the homelessness that is engulfing Los Angeles.  This underpass is an example of the contrast.

Dan, the Sanitation supervisor, said that the Venice Blvd was not a scheduled stop as is Ocean and 3rd in Venice.  Dan allowed this writer to walk thru the encampment but he cautioned “look down for needles.”  The cleanup consists normally of removing all the debris, sanitizing (bleach spray) the soiled areas, storing items left on the sidewalks.   He said that maybe in a few weeks they will do a power wash.

One man from Clean Sweeps was there helping people move stuff to the middle divider in the road.  Young man was the only one of 30 members helping out today.  Apologies for forgetting his name.  Dan said tenters just normally start to move stuff to that area when they see us arrive.

What was noticeable was that there were fewer tenters.

South side of the underpass, Culver City side.   One tenter and a sign.

Sanitation team waits for police to rope off area before starting to clean.

The road divider was fast filling up with belongings of the tenters in preparation of the cleanup. Dan said 72 hours had been given but notices had been removed except for the outside areas. (Notices should have posted date.)

The road divider was fast filling up with belongings of the tenters in preparation of the cleanup.

The tent was dragged to the alley on the north side of Venice Blvd.

Noticed the debris at the drains. Sanitation said another team comes along and cleans the gutters. They have a truck that just sucks up the debris he said.

Don’t know how or if the fenced areas near the freeway gets cleaned.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Reta Did you get that man’s name who is dragging that tent? He is the vandal that rush me and grab my cell phone while I was filming LA Sanitation Crew on 3rd and Rose.He is a nut job who tried to censor my photography. Detective Day is looking for him to charge him with vandalism.

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