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Bonin to Propose Penalty for Empty Housing Units in LA

LOS ANGELES – In a step to confront one of the root causes of the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, City Councilmember Mike Bonin will propose legislation Tuesday calling for the city to begin penalizing landlords who keep housing units empty while tens of thousands of Angelenos are forced to live on the streets because of the high cost of housing.

Bonin will host at a brief media availability at 9:45 am, immediately before Tuesday’s city council meeting, where he will be joined by representatives from both housing and affordability advocates, including some organizations that typically find themselves on opposing sides of local debates about development.

Comments (3)

  1. Another Boner from Bonin

    Just like Mike Bonin acting like a dictator wanting to violate the civil rights of property owners. He will be the first one to empty out the city chauffeurs to settle lawsuits.

  2. Action Jackson

    LOL LOL LOL This guy is a real idiot. The bigger idiots are the ones who voted for him. They are reaping the rewards.

  3. Bonehead Bonin

    Problem solved! Bonin really knows how to clean up the city. When you run out of excuses for why bums are infesting every corner of your council district, blame those mean ‘ole nasty landlords.

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