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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAHSA Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Executive Summary and Key Messages

This is the multi-million dollar group that does the homeless count and controls most of the money going in and out.  This is the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority (LAHSA).

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  1. TheyDoIndeedAllLookWhite

    I always hear that “illegal immigrants are ruining Los Angeles” but I’m not seeing anything other than a majority of white crusty punks and white drug and alcohol users sprawled over the bus stops, sidewalks and encampments of Venice Beach.

    It seems like the Latinos are at least out there selling hot dogs or flowers on street corners if need be while all the white vagrants are shooting up, throwing bottles and scooters into traffic, playing guitar outside the convenience stores, crapping on the sidewalks and/or masturbating in full view of anyone passing by the bus stops they’ve commandeered.

    I’ll take an immigrant flower selling hustling over an able-bodied white young adult backpacker begging for change so they can buy some beer and heroin and have sex in the McDonald’s bathroom any day.

    • What a DF

      How stupid can you be? Those illegal are making cash paying no taxes and enjoy living off the city welfare at the taxpayer’s expense. Get ready for larger tax hikes cuz they are coming.

  2. John Ryan

    LAHSA report states it’s based on assumptions, not statistical data. Here in Venice the vast majority of unhoused are young, white, and from out of town. The majority of vehicle dwellers are long term inhabitants. The LAHSA report does not reflect the Venice population.

    • L

      I agree that it’s mostly young white drifters from other states that come here looking for a free ride and a good time. They trash the neighborhood and have no respect for the sidewalks. Take a walk down market st. (Miss you Snapchat…) and they are all white. Then I would say most of the rest are black. The Black and Latino people at least work for the BID while the white people sit on their asses and smoke and shoot up all day. If they don’t have a California ID send them home!

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