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Venice has its own trash and vermin

Dumping on Ocean Front Walk. (All photos are by Rick Swinger.)

By Venice Update Contributor

LA Preserve wrote a commentary regarding Steve Lopez’s article on the rats and dumping in Los Angeles.

Note:   After reviewing this article, Venice Update asks: Is it possible to sue the City regarding the health and safety risk imposed on Venetians?

You have seen photos of the garbage at Penmar, at 7th, at alley behind Thai restaurant. you have seen the garbage as you drive home. You have picked up feces near you if not in front of your house. So you do have some recognition of this situation.  It is unlike other cities in CD11 but similar to Skid Row.  Thought it was only fair to read one about the dumping in Venice.

The Venice Update has printed many stories and photos by Rick Swinger who has started a “No Dumping” campaign in Venice. The No Dumping encompasses both feces on the streets and dumping of produce and other food items.  He has a t-shirt making his point. (By the way, some Update readers have complained that the trash photos are too graphic.)


He requested rat proof trash cans for 3rd Ave where the trash is so bad that Bureau of Sanitation comes once a week.  He got instead what he calls rat feeders. City then provided plastic liners. He has been very vocal regarding the rat population on 3rd Ave and has sighted rat holes, dead rats, and has requested the County to investigate.

With all this going on, a group recently protested on 3rd Ave that instead of cleaning the place all the time, that bathrooms would do it.  One private individual did such.  He provided two and asked that clothing not be put down the hole.  The bathrooms were removed after three weeks.  There are bathrooms at the parking lot on Rose, a couple blocks from 3rd, and they have security at night.

Swinger has, at his own expense, run a test of the water at the beach where 3rd Ave dumps.  It is off the charts, yet signs have not been adequately posted to prevent kids from wading in the pool of water which is next to a playground.  Swinger is an environmentalist and lives near the infested area. He tries to make people aware.  He has established a facebook page (Stop Illegal Dumping in Venice Beach) that covers what he is saying.  He has talked with Dr. Drew about typhus epidemic and has corresponded with Elizabeth Greenwood, the deputy city attorney, who is suing the City for 5 million after contracting typhus.

How serious is all this?     Andy Bates, CEO of Union Mission lost a foot from MRSA contracted by walking on the filthy streets of Skid Row. Dr. Drew predicts an epidemic before Garcetti figures it out,

What causes this to happen in Venice?  It is the No.1 provider per capita of low income and supportive housing units on the west side of Los Angeles as defined by the borders of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission. Furthermore, the Venice Community Plan Area (CPA) is the 8th largest provider per capita of low income and supportive housing units out of all 37 CPA in the City of Los Angeles. Venice has the services so this is the destination for the the United States homeless. There couldn’t be a larger, more accommodating  target — housing and services.

These figures do not include the 472 units planned for Venice.  Is it no wonder Venetians chant “vexit” meaning Venice exit.  There is little chance that it can happen since it would take approval of the City Council and it is the CD11 Councilman Mike Bonin who chairs the dumping here.  Venice has 25 times what Pacific Palisades has and Beverly Hills and Beverly Crest have none.  Venice just cannot get relief from this.  When Venetians say “enough” the services in Venice and the rest of the City holler NIMBY.

Are  Venetians moving?  Yes, they are.  Someone said the other day that it may be called Mike Bonin’s Hole before we know it.  Perhaps, when even he thinks it’s bad, Venice will be allowed to exit the City.

Comments (11)

  1. Vladimir

    All I can see in this picture is an orderly distribution of food. So are you referring to the people getting the food as the “trash and vermin “?

  2. Christy Griffith

    Voice of Venice
    I think u should be ashamed not caring about the safety and health of the community your supposedly the VOICE of.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Voice of Bullshit. Your slanderous allegations about my family who served honorably in the US Airforce in WWll and proud of it. Later my Cousin served and died with the Navy Seawolves. Read about them. Most decorated squadron in Navy history! No Voice of BS you are the one with slanderous and false allegations about me and my family.

  4. john ryan


  5. Rick Swinger

    First of all You are not the Voice of Venice anyone who says he is, is full of Shit! For better understanding of these problems take a Biology and History class why don’t you?

    • The Voice of Venice

      I majored n History in college Rick. Based on your constant slanderous attacks on the homeless my guess is you probably have relatives who either worked for the SS or Gestapo during World War 2 or were members of the German Bund who attended pro-Hitler rallies here in the United States.

  6. Rick Swinger

    Some of the food that gets dumped on 3rd and around Venice wouldn’t past a health inspection I can tell you that. Here is another Venice secret. These folks on 3rd get dysentery all the time from these food drop offs and when they get diarrhea they squirt it around our alley ways.It happens all the time as documented on Stop Dumping. Guess who cleans it all up? The residents and how do they clean it off their driveways? By hosing it down. Where does it go after that? Down our storm drain and into the pooling of water and sand that kids play in! Risking them with Hepatitis A, ECOLI and other fecal to mouth diseases. So this is driving the residents crazy! Catch 22 harmful here harmful there! So not only does this food help feed the rat populations discarded food that touches this harmful bacteria, urine and feces coated sidewalk then eaten by the homeless is a health threat to all of us! Wise Up! Form a Coop or give the food away to the Social Service Corporations that have food banks and let the professionals that get paid to feed the homeless earn their 6 figure salaries. After all thats why they are here!

    • The Voice of Venice

      You’re a fear-mongering uneducated moron Rick. You should really just shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Christy Griffith

        No I think u have that wrong. He is a concerned member of the community that wants whats best 4 Venice and 4 the Earth. Thats plain to see.

  7. The Voice of Venice

    All of that food eventually gets eaten by the homeless people. And also a lot of the senior citizens who live around here take advantage of that food that’s being dropped off. That group has been dropping off food there for years. You people make me sick to my stomach, trying to stop a program that’s been feeding hungry people for years. Where the hell is your humanity ? Oh yeah, none of you have any. You’re all just a bunch of arrogant right wing ***holes with nothing better to do with your time then kick peoplev when they’re down. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Christy Griffith

      Have you ever tried the food left? I have and its disgusting and frankly it pisses me off they leave TRASH 4 the ppl they view as trash.

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