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Garcetti’s Garbage on Skid Row

By  Preserve LA

Steve Lopez of the L.A. Times reported the other day on an illegal dumping crisis created by businesses surrounding Skid Row who are furtively getting rid of rotting food and trash. We’re talking here about thriving businesses, saving money on garbage fees while fueling rat infestations, disease and horrifying new trouble for the homeless.  Read LA Times article.

Where’s the mayor? Cities have been collecting garbage since the English set up weekly crews following the Black Plague in the 1300s, and they banned waste dumping in 1388. New York and Washington D.C. devote teams to aggressive rat control.

Wealthy Los Angeles is in the wrong century. Last October, the investigative NBC4-I Team told Mayor Garcetti about the bizarre dumping crisis in Skid Row. Garcetti vowed to end it, and city crews did a clean-up — but the dumped trash and rotting food are back, giving rats and disease a field day.

City Hall issued no fines and took no serious action unless embarrassed by the media. They told NBC4 it would take 90 days to clean up. Why 90 days? Would Garcetti take 90 days in Woodland Hills, Westwood or Windsor Square?

The city has 50,000 employees and a record-high budget of more than $10 billion, equal to that of a small country.

But the 90 days came and went. Condo residents in the Skid Row area told us that a prosecutor from the City Attorney’s office assessed the Toy District nearby to pinpoint which businesses had failed to contract for garbage service. It turns out many businesses have no garbage service.

The city prosecutor collected photos and video of furtive large-scale dumping. What happened to that energized prosecutor? Officials told residents that Garcetti’s “RecycleLA” program was launching, so they should “just hold tight.”

So it’s no surprise to us that we’re seeing an even greater tragedy on Skid Row: Officials this week will report a huge surge in homelessness — up 20% in some areas.

It’s not hard to guess why. Illegal evictions across L.A. are skyrocketing to make way for the luxury hotels and apartments approved by City Hall. No homeless housing has been built with the $1.2 billion in HHH funds that we voters handed to city leaders.

We have called on the Garcetti Administration to think outside the box, get innovative, use city properties and underutilized buildings, and get our poorest residents under a safe roof. Instead, thriving businesses are treating Skid Row residents like garbage.

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