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Oops! Caller Gives Police Description of Himself; Guess What?

By Rick Swinger

There was an incident with the Rabbi who has his temple at the corner of Rose and Hampton and a suspected homeless man Thursday night around 10:30 pm.

The Rabbi, according to the Rabbi, defended himself and his wife and family when a crazy man entered his temple. The Rabbi tased the guy in the eye after he was saying “I’m going to kill you Jewish witches” and chased them.

Unfortunately when the Rabbi called the LAPD giving them the description of the man, he didn’t realize he also fit that description. When the cops showed up they handcuffed the Rabbi! The suspect was taken away in an ambulance and the Rabbi was finally uncuffed.

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Swinger

    No Tyler it wasn’t the same guy who was half my age body slamming my 60 Year Old body to the sidewalk.

  2. Rick Swinger

    No SLO was there last night. This area hasn’t seen Kristan Delatori our SLO for weeks now ever since she decided to be part of the Hope car team. We need a SLO in this area that knows how to deal with this spike in crime we are having on this block near 3rd st encampment, Her selective ticketing is increasing the number of campers there and the crime subsequently on our block is going through the roof. Having 24/7 surveillance from Google is why this camp is allowed by LAPD. They know its a great resource even if they always have to subpoena Google for their vids which I would imagine is what the LAFD is doing now for the RV fire we had just around the corner!

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