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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 30 May 2019

The good reportings keep happening! So rewarding to report when things like this happen. Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd has been cleared and cleaned. North Venice Blvd is pretty much cleared too. This one is thanks to SLO Jennifer Muther. Muther said if activity started again to email her at 36051@lapd.online and call 877-ask-lapd.

The Los Angeles Hope team was out to offer services to homeless and watch as Sanitation cleaned the area early this week. Supervisor Kuehl claims that 14,000 have been placed in permanent housing in the last 18 months. The CES team is throughout Venice canvassing and providing supportive services.

The photo shows what it looked like Thursday morning. Wednesday it was totally clear of homeless and the debris. Saw Paul, supervisor of the BID Clean Team, during the morning and he said there was one guy who left the blue tarp and the cart this morning.  He tries to possess the area and this is his way of doing it. Paul said the guy had been arrested a couple of times but comes back to that spot. Paul said he would be over later that morning to remove the tarp and the cart. Friday’s Farmers Market will be pleasant this week.

Told Paul that I had seen two guys sleeping in the lot where Farmers Market is and he said the lots from Pacific to Ocean now have security. So those two will be awakened. It would be nice if security included the Library area as there are usually a couple separate tenters hanging.

Two vans were on North Venice Blvd. The one van looked like the beginning of the car that was towed not long ago. All vehicles on the public streets must be movable.

Westminster Senior Center Park
Park had a new tenant on the north side of the park. The two travelers with the homemade tents are still there but in compliance on the sidewalk.

Hampton Drive, South of Rose
Noticeable difference in the attitude of the tenters on Hampton. They were all in compliance with ADA requirements and the area looked clean in comparison with previous weeks. Paul of the BID Clean Team said there was mainly new tenters and they were keeping in clean and in compliance. Paul said he was going to steam clean the area next week. Across the street are a couple of tenters and they appear to be in ADA compliance.

Hampton Drive, North of Rose
Tenters are leaving the area or have left when I arrive and the sidewalks are steam cleaned by the businesses there. Everyone cooperates and appreciates. This has been going on for months now. It is hard to believe what it was before. Just cooperation of the police, Sanitation, the businesses, and a good group of homeless have made this a model of a sad situation handled by all.

4th Ave, South of Sunset
This area decreased to only one tenter and debris that is left. This tenter is rather messy so maybe the others went to 4th just south of Rose. There were three tenters there. This is an area to watch.

Penmar Park
The trash heap of the west is over. Implementation of the walking path has begun. One tenter has settled in between the bollards and the gate. Think it is the older man with the dog whose name is heaven spelled backward. He is not an addict and does not want housing he says.

Encampment Behind Thai Restaurant
The encampment behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln is still empty. Have no idea where these people went.

Individual Encampments
Lincoln at Mildred
The individual encampments usually grow or the person moves on. The one on Lincoln at Mildred looks like it has grown considerably since started by one person. It is across from the St. Joseph Center on Lincoln so that is an attraction. Last week it had a van and two motor homes parked in front.

Kenny, with his dog Snowy, is sitting there waiting for his wife Tara to get back from St. Joseph Center. They are suppose to have a voucher for a motel today from St. Joseph and that is to keep them until they get section 8 housing.

Kenny is from Ohio and has been in California for two months. He says Ohio is too hard on him and he needs a back operation. They are going to take the couple next to them on the sidewalk with them when they get the motel. Reminds me of the 60’s or 70’s when they would bus people in from the South because California had better social services, social security, etc.Kenny is an example of a homeless person who needs housing.Now apparently, the word is out that California has vouches and section 8 housing. The two motorhomes were parked on a side street.

Coeur d’Alene across from McDonalds
This encampment has grown from one to two to at least five. These people are rather hostile. They are next to the Naples alley. Someone got into the Naples alley debris and spread it all around. Darrell will take care of that when he returns Friday. SLO Javier Ramirez has been notified.

Thatcher Yard
Thatcher yard encampment left last week as reported and has not returned. The debris has been cleaned up by the neighbors.

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