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Exec Officer Candidates Forum was Not Contentious

Presidential candidates Ira Koslow (incumbent) and Hollie Stenson.

The executive officer candidate forum was held Tuesday night at the Westminster Elementary School to a small gathering that consisted mainly of candidates.

At large candidates will meet Thursday, 6 pm, Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Several of the offices had candidates running without opposition.   The offices of Treasurer, secretary,  communications, and community interest officers were running unopposed.  Each gave a short talk about themselves or about the office.  That left four offices with each having an opponent.

Offices that had more than one candidate were presented several questions by moderator Ivan Spiegel. Update tried to get the most pertinent questions filmed for the readers observation. One of the benefits of the digital age is the film that allows the observer to be there and witness the happenings as opposed to being told. The land use and planning committee chair had three questions that were pertinent to the community so all three were recorded.

Presidential candidates Hollie Stenson and incumbent Ira Koslow provided one of the few lighter moments of the evening when asked about limiting the time allowed for each board member.

Vice Presidential candidates George Francisco (incumbent) and Grant Turk talk about the Neighborhood Committee which is one of the duties of the vice president and that lead to other duties.

Outreach Officer candidates Joslyn Williams and Sima Kostevetsky discuss topics they would propose for town halls.

Land Use and Planning Committee Chair candidates Alix Gucovsky and Daffodil Tyminski discussed several subjects such as rezoning on Ocean Front Walk, entitlements for developers, and increased development along Lincoln Blvd. Tyminski is presently a member of the LUPC.

Candidates discuss rezoning of Ocean Front Walk.

Candidates discuss entitlements given to developers.

Increased development along Lincoln Blvd.

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