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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice is No.1 Provider Per Capita of Low Income, Supportive Housing in WLA; No. 8 in All of Los Angeles Community Plan Areas

The Venice community Plan Area (CPA) is the No.1 provider per capita of low income and supportive housing units on the west side of Los Angeles as defined by the borders of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission, according to Planning Urbanism, a research organization paid for by Frank Murphy, builder in Venice.

Furthermore, the Venice Community Plan Area (CPA) is the 8th largest provider per capita of low income and supportive housing units out of all 37 CPA in the City of Los Angeles

Within the West Los Angeles community Plan Areas

1) Venice provides 2.5 times the amount of the No.2 provider Palms – Mar Vista.
2) Venice provides 25 times the amount of the least provider Brentwood – Pacific Palisades.
3) Bel Air – Beverly Crest provides 0 units; therefore, they cannot be considered as a provider.

Santa Monica and Culver City are separate Cities but West Los Angeles neighbors.

!) Venice provides 5 times the number of units as does Culver City.
2) Venice provides 50 percent more units than Santa Monica

These figures do not consider the units planned for Venice:

98 units — the Thatcher Yard
140 units — Venice Median
34 units — 720 Rose project
46 units — the Lincoln project
154 Beds of Bridge Housing

“By any measure with which you would equate parity on the west side of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Venice is the most densely populated with low income and supportive housing units,” said Murphy.

The spread sheet is the ranking of affordable units per 100 residents of all Community Plan Area’s in the City of LA. These numbers reflect the current and near past, so stated because categories are fluid such as HUD and subsidized housing terming out, vouchers moving around and etc.

This next spread sheet shows the source for the figures.

Comments (3)

  1. Lee

    I think it’s only fair we share the wealth, how about it Bonin? And why was Venice Housing Corp. ever allowed to accept a grant from Santa Monica to fund apartments for Santa Monica homeless in Venice???

    • Lee

      Venice Community Housing, want to get the name right.

    • Conrad Johnson

      The housing you refer to is on the corner of Navy and Pacific and has ben there for a long time. All Santa Monica is doing is paying for some renovations to the building in return for housing a couple of Santa Monica’s homeless there. If you have the time you should walk past the place. It is a good example of how housing for the formerly homeless has absolutely zero negative effect on the surrounding community. You can’t even tell it’s housing for formerly homeless people.

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