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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update –24 May 2019

Encampment west of Penmar Park is gone!! At one time, it was one of the worst trash-ridden of all the Venice encampments.  It sat on a vacant piece of land snuggled between single-family residences and the Penmar Golf Course, just off of Rose Ave.

Right now men are cleaning it up and a new landscaped walking path is on it way. The neighborhood raised over $80,000 to make a landscaped pathway to beautify the area.

Here are photos of just some of trash  from the encampment taken at different times.

Last week the Thai restaurant alley at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice was vacated and cleaned. A couple weeks before that 7th Ave across the street from residential was cleaned and cleared and bollards were placed at the property line. The elimination of these three encampments were the result of individuals, neighborhoods making things happen.  These three were part of the worst.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is about the same. Looks like a couple of tenters moved to Venice Way.

Westminster Senior Center Park looks like it may have an encampment at the north side of the building.

Hampton, south of Rose is growing and on both sides of the street.

Fourth Ave is growing.  Fourth between Vernon and Sunset on the east side is the one that has been watched.  Thursday noticed that 4th between Sunset and Rose on the west side has many tenters.  It will be observed next week to see if that is an encampment. Fourth between Sunset and Rose parallels 3rd Ave.

Machado, which is next to 7th Ave., started to get encampments so one resident immediately put out planter boxes but it looks like more boxes, to the corner, are needed.

The individual encampment at Flower on west side of Lincoln has grown to several tenters and several motor homes and vans.

The Naples alley is clear but full of debris.

The individual encampment on Coeur d’Alene across from McDonalds on Lincoln is growing. This is where kids walk to Coeur d’Alene school.

The individual encampment at the end of Thatcher that kept growing is gone. Only the debris remains for the owners of the property to clean up.



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