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Another Intriguing Mystery in the Life of the Venice Canals

Illegal business on the canals, theft, destruction of barrier plants, Captain Rob, AirBnb out of England all lead to another illegal endeavor involving and embellishing the mystic of the Venice canals.

This is yet another story in the life of the Venice Canals that reads like “Would you believe?”

Not long ago the Canals hosted the barge with homeless  that traversed the canals, provided scooter replenishment, and surprised everyone by who had authority over the canals.

and now today … renting paddle boards, canoes off stolen raft on Venice Canals using AirBnb out of England!!

Here are the facts and photos as they appeared in the Voice of the Canals newsletter written by Darryl DuFay.

Business location

By Darryl DuFay

Summary:  The photo above shows the stolen raft used to host illegal guided canoe tours around the canals. The man involved calls himself Capt. Rob and advertises his tours as an “Airbnb Experience.” Saltbush barrier plants were destroyed to make an entrance path for his boat tours.
When Capt. Rob was confronted he claimed to own the raft and believes he has the right to do these tours. The raft was returned to its proper owners on Grand Canal (who were away and unaware of the theft). The police were called but could do nothing without the owners filing a report of stolen property. There is a question of whether Capt. Rob owns the canoes that were being used.

1. It is illegal to rent boats/canoes and paddle boards in the Venice Canals. Source: Venice Specific Plan, p. 16.

2. Capt. Rob uses an “Airbnb” website in England. We have tried to get Airbnb to remove the listing but they have not responded.

3. If you are missing a boat/canoes, etc., first make a quick look around the canal. Very often they are the result of “joy” riding. The canal Mariposa maintenance crew is constantly working with us to retrieve lost or floating boats and will return them to their owners, if known. If not they are taken to their maintenance yard at the end of Grand Canal by N. Venice Blvd. After 30 days the City Sanitation Dept. will remove them.

4. Mark your boat with an address.

5. If you believe your boat was stolen make a police report. You have three options: phone, 310-482-6334, in person at 12312 Culver Blvd. @ S. Centinela Blvd., or “File a Police Report Online”

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  1. Free to the public

    Captain Rob sticking to the rich. Keep up the good work buddy. Residents are buffoons in Venice.

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