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Naples Alley — What a Saga!

The alley behind Naples and Lincoln was a saga of itself last week. Update was asked by a neighborhood resident to add the Naples alley to the Encampment Update. The alley deserved a story of its own, at least for now.

Drove over saw two encampments with a lot of bikes in between. People were still waking up. The alley was half passable. Next day the neighborhood resident sent photos of what he said was a drug deal and a satchel full of syringes. This was sent to SLO Javier Ramirez Thursday morning with other photos.

Friday the tenters were gone. Only their debris lingered in the alley and it was considerable.

A gal was sitting in the alley away from the debris. I asked her if the people were gone and she said she didn’t know. She said she had nothing to do with them.

The gal was upset. We talked she said her boyfriend had left her for her best friend and she was heartbroken. We talked for a while. I introduced myself and she gave me her name. Her name was Emily.

That opened a whole new conversation. I told her I lost my niece to drugs last month and her name was Emily. I told her that at this point there is DNA and a toxicology report to determine if my Emily was injected, whether it was manslaughter, a bad dose, or just a drug over dose. My Emily had been clean for three years. She had reported someone where she worked about dealing in drugs. So! She quit that job and was preparing to do the Appalachian Trail.

Drug addicts quit and go back and repeat this scenario multiple times I have been told many times lately.

Emily and I talked about the dark side of life she was leading and asked why she didn’t go home to Oregon. Her mother had just lost a husband and was wrapped up in that she said. Well, wouldn’t that be a good time to be with her. No was the answer.

She had been on meth and was clean for one month. She said it takes a while to get your head cleared from meth. She had been to college and getting a job should not have been a problem. She said she had had a few jobs here. She said as soon as the meth was cleared from her head, she would make a decision. This boyfriend really had a hold on her.

She was a dear, sweet girl, hung up on a guy, who had gotten into drugs and had gotten clean for a month, which is a start. What next for this young lady?

Friday afternoon went back to see if the campers had returned. The alley was cleaned and a new camper was there. It was my friend Darrell and don’t know his last name and am not sure am spelling his first properly.

Darrell is a tall, black man who collect bottles and cans in the area over the weekend to supplement his income. He says he makes a couple hundred each weekend. He stays in the alley.

He is the one who cleaned the alley. He collects bottles and cans but never leaves the area messy.

Darrell says he stays in the Naples alley each week. When asked how he got rid of the others, he said “I told them I had to clean the alley.” And they left. Neighbors on Naples love him. One can see why. Darryl said the alley was filled with needles (probably the needles that weren’t in the satchel).The lady who has the van comes by to pick his weekend collection.

This writer has known Darrell for years. He is a clean, happy, considerate, bottle-can collector who does not leave a mess and always has a good word to say. Apologies … photo is of a black man hidden in the dark tree and his shirt is grey next to a grey fence.

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