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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 17 May 2019

Before — 3 May 2019

After — 17 May 2019

(Both Photos have been lightened to remove some of the shadow.)

This is a good day! Some days are better than others and I repeat “This is a Good Day.” The alley at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd that housed between 10 and 14 young, self-proclaimed drug addicts is cleaned and clear. It was cleared and cleaned last Friday but the gang was moving back in before sunset. This Friday is was cleaned and clear of any encampments or debris from such. Even most of the graffiti was removed.

Katy Tucker, president of the board for the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, wrote Councilman Mike Bonin that it was not acceptable to have this encampment so close to 160 young boys and girls. How right she is.

Venice has seen some major changes in the encampment areas of late. The clearing of the alley, the red bollards in place in the middle of the 7th Ave sidewalk and the elimination of the poster car on Venice Blvd are big signs of encouragement for Venice and those are within the last 30 days. 7th Ave was second only to 3rd in number of tenters and rowdiness. The bollards were major.

Venetians get tired of the homeless making remarks that they own the streets and the sidewalks and arrogantly flaunt their lawlessness. None of the homeless are from California and to have them act and talk like this is their city and tell Venetians they can and will operate as they please, infuriates the locals.

Ocean Ave and North Venice Blvd
It is the same. The poster car is gone. There are more encampments on the south side of North Venice Blvd. There is another dumping of clothing and stuff on the north side of North Venice Blvd. SLO Jennifer Muther is back from vacation so things should clean up.

Muther answered my email asking about what is going on with Ocean and surrounding area because it was going well before her vacation. She answered and wrote “I have made several requests to multiple resources to assist, including city council.”

Westminster Senior Center Park
The park area is clean of all encampments except the sidewalk in front still has the two wooden tents on wheels. They stay on the sidewalk and leave the passage space required by ADA. Oft hand do not know the rules for encampment in parks.

Hampton, south of Rose
Hampton, south of Rose, has grown a little and Friday had trouble providing ADA access.

Hampton, north of Rose
This area once again is showcase stuff. It is the cooperation of the tenters, the LAPD, the Clean Team, the property owners that make this work. There was a pile of stuff left in the street by one tenter but otherwise it was proof that the system works. Far cry from what was across the street last year.

4th Ave
Tenters here are blocking the sidewalk.

7th Ave
7th Ave proudly shows the red bollards in the middle of the sidewalk and no tenters.

Penmar Park
For some reason each time Penmar Park encampment is seen, it looks totally different. Tents move around and one reconfigures each week. This time they added residents, who with their generator, charge scooters. The place was cleaned and it looked it. Garbage accumulates quickly in that area.

Individual Encampments
As explained a few weeks ago, some tenters are venturing off to be by themselves. Some stay and when they do, they attract others. Others move along. A few weeks ago several places were shown where there were individual tenters. Most of those are gone. One on Lincoln is catching on and attracting others including a couple of motor homes that hide them from the street.

One area in the Oxford Triangle started with one, got to be two, then one and now back to two. In the Triangle they are on private property and in a fire lane. The police have beeb out. They will move away but then return. They don’t want to get on the Marina property, which is the other side of the fence, because the police immediately move them on. There is another tenter but is not shown. He too is on private property.

One across the street from MacDonalds on Coeur d’Alene has two and sometimes only one. Neither are ADA compliant. One commenter made the comment that this is the sidewalk kids use to go to Coeur d’Alene school.

Comments (3)

  1. CleanItUp

    A bunch of them moved onto Coeur D’Alene and are now blocking the sidewalk that kids are supposed to walk past to get to school. The encampment they’ve put up next to school grounds is supposed to be illegal but isn’t enforced, so families have been enjoying their drug deals, drinking, masturbating and defeating while the cops and city look the other way.

    • Albert Ferguson

      Borrow more money from Japan, America! Buy more over-priced German cars (as soon after the Holocaust as possible)! And quit your confusion about why all those “homeless” are peeing on your walls!

      • Bonehead Bonin

        Borrowing money from Japan and buying German cars has what exactly to do with bum encampments and peeing on walls? Sounds like a separate agenda unrelated to the bums infestation.

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