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Voters’ Guide for June VNC Election is Here

This week the City released the Voter Guide — all the candidates and their statements — for the Venice Neighborhood Council  2 June election.  The guide was set up such that the only way to present such is via a link.  Link to Venice’s Neighborhood Council 2019 Voter Guide finalRVHighRes

Many people think of these people who serve on the board as volunteers. Elizabeth Wright who is on the election committee has this to say about “volunteers” and it is worth repeating for both the candidate and the voter.

I disagree with those who consider the VNC Board as volunteers. To me, a better term is unpaid elected officials. They are part of the L.A. City government. They are the communication link from the stakeholders to the City Council. In addition to preparing for and attending the monthly Board meetings and quarterly town halls, each is expected to chair or participate in at least one committee, where the work is really done. All that is a commitment of a lot of time.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    The voting process of the VNC is fatally flawed and needs to be reformed. You have 14 Community Officers of which you can only vote for one (1) which is a violation of one-man, one-vote that makes it virtually impossible for a candidate of color to be successful. This inconsistency needs to be addressed in the VNC’s BY LAWS and I intend to file a rule change with the new board. While the VNC is a volunteer position, I would support a modest stipend for the time and effort of these community advocates who get elected. It is unreasonable to expect someone to dedicate 10-15 hours a weeks to a cause with zero return. Mike Bonin is the highest paid councilman in the United States. He makes more money then most governors and members of the US Congress. The board needs to be reduced in size to 11 or 9 and a stipend of $2500 each for the members would be sufficient and fair. Almost half of the board originally elected three years ago has resigned or were replaced.

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