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Bonin Wants Mello Act to be Permanent and Enforceable

Note:  After seeing the motion, John Reed, local architect and member of the Venice Neighborhood Council board made the statement:  “The sad fact is nothing, absolutely nothing was accomplished regarding the Mello Act in the last 13 + years and we are now starting over.”

By Darryl DuFay

In 1982, a statewide bill called the Mello Act was passed.  It was designed for the CA Coastal Zone to preserve housing for persons and families with low and moderate incomes when a new construction or conversion building permit was requested.  The Venice Coastal Zone is from Lincoln Blvd to the beach. This is a major issue for Councilman Mike Bonin.

In 2000 the City adopted “Interim Administrative Procedure for Complying with the Mello Act” but it never made the ordinance permanent.  It has been very contentious. Since 2015 Mike Bonin has been pushing to make the Mello Act permanent and enforceable. The sad fact is nothing, absolutely nothing was accomplished regarding the mello act in the last 13 + years and we are now starting over. 

“The sad fact is nothing, absolutely nothing was accomplished regarding the Mello Act in the last 13 + years and we are now starting over,” said John Reed, local architect and current member of the Venice Neighborhood Council board.

Below the councilman’s current Motion before the City’s Transportation Committee.  He is the Chairman.  Council File 15-0129-S1. 

He states: I THEREFORE MOVE that the Council direct the Planning Department and Housing and Community investment Department, in consultation with the City Attorney, to prepare and present a permanent ordinance to implement the Mello Act, including a requirement for all new housing developments that are subject to the Mello Act to provide affordable housing.

Comments (8)

  1. M. Butte

    Regarding the Mello Act; the government needs to stop taking private property rights away from the owners. It’s Not there’s!… to do what they will with it, even if it is for their personal political gain.

  2. Rick Swinger

    We all agree Mike Bonin is destructive to Venice but if we don’t get the County Health Department Vector Management to fund their night time rat abatement program that was cut from their budget in 2018 we will be increasingly vulnerable to the Bubonic Plague! 3rd Ave has become a nesting site for 100’s of rodents along Googles Fence. Its been reported in the news media that 1.5% of Los Angeles Rat Populations has Bubonic Plague and when it hits 2% it will jump into the human population. More than 12 million rats are reported to be in Los Angeles and we have burrows and nests of them by the largest encampment on the westside across the street from 100’s of residents on 3rd and Rose!

  3. Funny that this article gets John Reed of the biggest gentrification/displacement devils to comment on this housing justice law (Mello Act.) His comment doesnt make any sense. It’s been California law for a long time but corrupt ass City of LA doesn’t enforce it

  4. It’s also amusing that they get John Reed, one of the biggest real estate devils in Venice to quote on this article about Mello Act which is a housing and anti-gentrification. His quote doesn’t really make much sense anyway, I really don’t know what you talking about when he says “starting over“. No one in his real estate gangster/property gangster circle has never done anything to advocate for or exercise Melo Act. There is an interim procedure agreement that’s been around for almost 20 years. There are guidelines to go by if people really cared about it

  5. Nick Antonicello

    Words and empty rhetoric is the record of Mike Bonin. Outright lies, falsehoods, lip service and alike is his contribution to the homeless he claims to care so much about as what is left of the middle class gets squeezed out. This guy should sell cars or real estate because he’s a deceptive individual who wheedles his way through elective office. He lacks any character or principles and uses the most vulnerable to sleaze his way up the slimy political ladder. He has accomplished nothing in his time on the council except for mindless self-promotion to find another elected gig to assume when he is finally termed out. Unfortunately the damage has been done and he’s laughing all the way to his next political destination. Shameful and the joke on Venice and the 11th Council District. This guy has no soul.

    • URaMoron

      Says the guy who posted a news report on another forum about a business owner in downtown L.A. complaining about the homeless and tried to pass it off as a report about Venice Beach. Pot meet kettle.

    • I don’t agree with Nick on about 90% of things he says but this comment is pretty on point.

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