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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

A drip here and there ends in an empty tank … so cool, so unsanitary

The film illustrates a big health problem with motor homes parked on the streets of Venice because there is no close, convenient dump station.

The two closest dump stations are Dockweiler RV Park at 12001 Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey and Hyperion Plant at 9660 W. Imperial Hwy, Playa del Rey, Gate B. Dockweiler charges $10 per dump. Hyperion in free and is open M,w,F from 9 to 2 and T,T from 12 to 4.

Not only is that a long distance for a motorhome to travel for a dump but one must consider the maneuverability of the motorhome on the road. Also when a motorhome has to be moved, everything inside has to be stowed or it could be a movable tragedy. When a motorhome person moves, he looses his spot. Spots near the ocean in Venice are precious.

So most do what this one in movie does.

The photo shows two handles used for motorhome dumping. Each handle goes to a tank. One tank is for shower and dishwater water; the other is for the toilet. A long tube in connected to the fitting in the middle, both handles are pulled out and the refuge with water goes to a dump station.

What many do is keep the shower and dishwater valve a little open so it will drip until it is gone. Seldom do they leave it open like the movie. Some will pull up to a sewer and just dump both tanks. Usually this is done late at night or early in the morning. This writer has seen one pull up and dump both tanks in a waste water dump that goes directly to the ocean. Motorhome people have other configurations and probably have a few variations, such as using a bucket to carry waste to the sewer.

A City should consider this fact before mapping out areas of comfort in Venice.

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