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LUPC Says “No” to 70-Foot Building on East Side of Lincoln

People lined up to speak about the proposed 70-foot building on east side of Lincoln.  Many of the people were from the East of Venice Neighborhood Association (EVNA).

Land Use and Planning committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) unanimously voted down the proposed 70-foot high project at 1808 – 1816 Lincoln Blvd.

The motion will state something to the effect that this project, as proposed, is not an endorsable project, but if LUPC would receive a written statement that the project had been withdrawn from the Planning Director and the proposing group had a new design, LUPC would hear the new project.

The room was packed with people to mainly object to the first 70-foot building on Lincoln Blvd. There were a few who liked the project. The planner, Matthew Hayden, stated that it was designed in compliance with the Transit Oriented Community ordinance (TOC) and the Community Design Overlay District (CDO) for the Venice Lincoln Blvd and the Venice Community Plan. The project is not within the Coastal Commission jurisdiction nor the Venice Specific Plan.

Except for footnote 6 of the Venice Community Plan which limits density to that of the adjacent zone, the TOC ordinance would have permitted 70 units on this site, wrote architect John Reed.

Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, spoke against the building and said Venetians had the Mayor and the City Council to thank for the TOC ordinance,

The proposed building is six stories and is graduated in the front, Lincoln side, from 25 to 70 feet in the rear. Thirty percent would be at 70-foot level. There would be two stories of subterranean parking holding 58 spaces. Entrance would be from Marco Place.

First floor would be 3596 sq ft of commercial with an additional 980 for a coffee shop. Code parking would be 14 spaces with an additional 5 more for the coffee shop, totaling 19.

Second floor would be 11,322 sq ft of office space with 23 parking spaces.

The remaining stories would be for the 9 units, one of which would be affordable. The affordable unit would have 1 parking space and the others would have 15 spaces. The nine units would be 1860 to 3000 sq ft. Number of bedrooms per unit is not determined yet but units would accommodate 4 to 5 bedrooms, according to the architect.

The group for the most part was against the project. They have a petition and a letter writing campaign going to defeat the by-right project at the Director level.

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