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Venice Update

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Bird’s on a mission: Build a better scooter to stay aloft

By Darryl DuFay

Appears the electric scooter industry is having growing pains. Too big, too fast. The last two paragraphs in the article below summarizes their plight as they make money.  The Venice community’s pain also continues and gets worse.

In March 2019, a “One-Year Pilot Dockless On-Demand Personal Mobility Program” administered by the Department of Transportation (DOT) was begun.

Eleven scooter companies are participating and allowed to place 33,000 e-scooters and e-bikes in the City of Los Angeles.  You are reminded of their presence by a rainbow of colors as you pass by them.  If they “behave” themselves during that time, that number can be increased to 160,000.

There is NO enforcement initiated by the City of Los Angeles  Normally enforcement would be by the West Traffic Division, which serves Venice.  They handle e-scooters and e-bikes on the move.  Parking Enforcement would normally act when they are stationary.  They are absent from the scene.

The City has introduced myla311.lacity.org.  A website where the community can complain and the companies are supposed to react.  In this strange world of “enforcement,” if offending devices are left more that 5 days they are supposed to be removed.  Interesting how the responsibility has been shifted from the companies to the community being inconvenienced.

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  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    The City lacks the competence and skill set to regulate and unregulated device. There are now thousands of these devices from multiple companies all over Venice and with summer just around the corner, the City of Los Angeles is once again incapable of making the necessary changes. I have proposed that the Venice Police Sub Station be converted to a Violations Bureau Center where those officers can operate and ticket riders who dual-ride scooters and illegally ride the bike path. If the City had any vision they would compel a private/public partnership with the device companies and construct a separate lane that links the Venice Pier to the Santa Monica Pier clearing the way for a safer bike path and a boardwalk free of these devices co-mingled with pedestrians and tourists.

    • Daniel Markelski

      Tried to ride on the bike path on a BIKE with my bike…HUNDREDS of scooters over 6 miles. NOT A SINGLE COP ANYWHERE. Scooters driving right by signs stating it was illegal to ride scooters on the BIKE PATH. What a waste of time on signs, and etc. Thank God lip service is the only thing that does not increase taxpayer funded LAPD pensions.

    • It’s not incapability – it’s lack of political will. Facing trigger-happy legal teams that represent angel-funded commercial interests, this city, as do many others, displays undue fear about laying down the law to protect public safety and prevent scofflaw tactics. In brief, the City must require these vehicles to employ available software that prevents illegal operation of all the types that we see all day, every day.

      Were the public ready to fly the flag of concern, the City would have to comply.

  2. John ryan

    Same thing with campers-LAPDOG would never stop and tell an RV to move off Venice Blvd, despite 82.01, or stop at 7 am and move over a camper off public sidewalks.
    this city is run by lazy dictators.
    Disclosure:I didn’t vote for Bonin

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