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Bonin Questions Effectivity of the Homeless Street Cleanings

Councilman Mike Bonin in the City Council Homeless and Poverty committee has made a motion to have Bureau of Sanitation, Los Angeles Police Department, and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and other agencies to report on the “efficiency of existing clean-up efforts,” detailing key objectives and providing metrics of success or failure. The following questions should be answered:

1. Are we improving public health?
2. Are we helping or hurting efforts to get people out of encampments and into housing and services?
3. What is the appropriate role of law enforcement in clean-ups?
4. What is the appropriate level of oversight and community engagement?

Comments (2)

  1. Rick Swinger

    Those questions are answered we need the LAPD to over see the protection on LA Sanitation period. The Watershed Environmental Division told me they are getting death threats. Mike Bonin thinks the Social Service Outreach Team is better protecting our Sanitation crews? Is he Joking? We have Rats on 3rd and just their feces and urine alone can cause disease outbreaks. Typhus and the Plague and many other diseases will happen if Mike Bonin ignores the many requests for rat proof trash cans on 3rd and OFW. Not the solar powered $6000 type he has by his house but a less expensive rat proof trash can so more can be distributed where they are needed the most. LA Health Dept Vector Management was only notified last Monday and told me only 2 inspectors on the job so we (3rd) are on a waiting list. The best option we have is to have street like 3rd be off limits to camping for all the pollution coming out of 1800 storage units at Public Storage and the many rodent holes next to Google makes this place ground zero for diseases outbreaks.

    More clean ups are necessary and Litter laws need to be enforced too! Just look at the past 3 years of videos and photos at https://www.facebook.com/illegalDumpingVeniceBeach2016/ You get a better understanding of the pollution and clean up efforts we face everyday here.

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