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Third Gets Cleaned Again Today — Fifth in a Row

By Rick Swinger

Friday, May 3rd clean up on 3rd Ave. What a mess today with all the illegal dumping coming from Public Storage! What happened to their “No Dumping” signs?
We can see the benefits of those “Temporary No Parking” signs LADOT finally put up on 3rd. We have had five major cleanings in a row with the full force only these street cleaning trucks can provide when there are no cars parked on 3rd.

I told Watershed Enviromental Protection today of all those rodent nests next to the fence line of Google and the tents. They had a look for themselves today as we are still waiting to hear from the LA County Health Vector Management to get back to us.

Meanwhile, Steve is camped on the other side of Google on Hampton, south of Rose, was cooking up some fried chicken today. I feel sorry for him having to cook and eat on this filthy street next to Google on Hampton.

Signs were up days before the 3rd street cleaning, and of course, no medicine or valuables were taken by Sanitation and no signs of any of those protesters from VCHC and “Services Not Sweeps” were seen today.

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  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    What is amazing to me is that these savages are allowed to shit, piss and destroy public property and they have no regard for anyone or anything. Where is it written that to be poor or homeless is a license to live like a pig? To live in utter squalor? Explain that to me that you have so little regard for yourself or anyone else.

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