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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 3 May 2019

It is so nice to see 7th Ave behind Whole Foods with its bollards. This homeless site was directly across from homes.

Reminiscing one remembers the encampments in the median of the 90 Freeway creating a fire hazard, the solicitors at the corners on Washington and Lincoln and the 90 Freeway. Remember the encampment at Lake, the encampment that surrounded Staples and ended up next to Lincoln Hardware before it left. Remember the encampment on Venice Way next to the Post Office annex. This is where the shooter came from that shot someone on Windward. Who could forget the Canal saga. Harrison and Harding had encampments. McDonald’s restaurant use to be surrounded by homeless. Most of these encampments have been handled by Citizens in the neighborhood who purchased planters and plants. Others have been handled by the LAPD.

7th Ave
Sidewalk on 7th Ave behind Whole Foods market is empty. (See photo above.)  The leasing company that leases to Whole Foods found out their property line goes to middle of sidewalk so they have put bollards in the middle of the sidewalk to show their property line.

The people who stayed on 7th were there for a short time. Charlie was there from Colorado and “won’t go back until the weather gets better.” Shogun left for Santa Cruz. Jake worked in construction and could work if he wanted, but he chose the beach lifestyle. Those were just a few this writer got to know. These three would never accept housing. The others changed each week. Noticed that Machado Ave next to 7th has an encampment.

Penmar Park
Penmar Park looks like it lost some tenters. Officers Perez and Lin were there and were asking people to put down their tents or fix them so that they were open on all sides.Perez said the HOPE team had been out many times. No one seemed to want housing or services. Perez said Sanitation was scheduled to return soon, just when he didn’t know. People have been lining the alley again with trash and pushing stuff in the middle of the lot.

Casey is one of the tenters and she was helping another tenter put down his tent because he wasn’t there. Casey said there were about six tents and eleven people living there. Most people were couples but her boyfriend is away for awhile. She has been there since Memorial Day and the 4th is her 30th Birthday. I talked to Casey about calling SHARE which has collaborative housing. She said she and her boyfriend use to have two dogs so people put them on the bottom of the list. Now they don’t have dogs. At SHARE they could share a bedroom when he comes back.  She will wait for her  boyfriend first.

Alley Behind Thai Restaurant
The property behind the Thai restaurant looks like it is gaining in tenters. One fellow said there were 14. There were only 10 before,

Ocean Ave Between North and South Venice Blvd
Ocean Ave between South and North Venice Blvd has not changed much since last week. They are still in violation of Penal Code 601 and the ADA accessibility. North Venice continues to grow and the car is still grounded there attracting vagrants.
Guess enforcement awaits SLO Jennifer Muther who comes back from vacation 12 May.

Fourth south of Sunset
Fourth looks like it is growing. It has been mostly people who stay off the sidewalk but this time it had a couple people who were violating that law.

Westminster Senior Center Park
Westminster park at the senior center had three encampments last week. This week it has one more.

Hampton Drive
Hampton Dr south of Rose only has the one area of encampments. Hampton north of Rose is still the poster child. It has encampments but they leave in morning, place gets cleaned, and the people return.

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