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70-Foot, Mixed-Use Building on Lincoln to Use TOC Density

The 70-foot building planned for 1808 – 1816 Lincoln Blvd will be heard by the Land Use and Planing Committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) 9 May, 6:45 pm, Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Ave.

The commercial property at 1808 to 1816 Lincoln Blvd falls within the jurisdiction of the Transit Oriented Community ordinance (TOC) that allows density bonuses based on proximity to major transit and provides affordable units. It does not fall within the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission or the Venice Specific Plan.

The proposed site is to be mixed use with retail on the ground floor, offices on the second floor, and housing on remaining floors.

“The project is benefiting from TOC which gives a bonus of an additional 30,800 square feet of buildable area that must be used for residential only, and by providing one affordable unit, they can build eight more at market rate,” wrote Paola Pinl, of the East of Venice Neighborhood Association (EVNA). Pinl is also an architect.

The project has upset the community east of Lincoln because the project is stated to be “by right,” which means they do not have to have hearings but just get Los Angeles Department of Planning’s approval. The EVNA is disputing that such a change on Lincoln Blvd should go forward without public input.

The developer is Wiseman and the architect is John Reed.

Comments (3)

  1. I have a petition I started asking for this project to be reconsidered. Please sign and share!

  2. Sea

    This is why I vote no on almost all propisitions, they are poorly written, with unknown benefits or consequences, you need a law degree and really study them to find true merit, plus they are almost impossible to change or get rid of, if it is such a good idea, let a politician champion it and put his career on the line….

    Next month they are asking for more $$$$ for schools with a parcel tax, if you agree that your taxes are already too high, vote NO

    Again, this propisition makes no guarantee money will be used for teachers


      The average citizen believe propoisitions will be in favor for the the city that the Developers planned once the developers get the go ahead they change there plans to add more floors to there buildings and stating housing is needed ….leave the city of Venice in PEACE go the the desertwith countys project

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