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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Talk Show Host O’Connor Comes to Mar Vista to Broadcast about the 405 Freeway Homeless

Larry O’Connor, radio talk show host on WMAL AM/FM in Washington, DC, talks with Venice activist Barbara Gibson after his broadcast locally on 790 KABC.

Larry O’Connor, radio talk show host on WMAL AM/FM in Washington, DC, broadcast from Mar Vista Tuesday on KABC at Exclusive Motors on Venice Blvd beside the 405 Freeway that has become infamous because of the homeless on one side and nothing on the other. O’Connor also covered the Road Diet.

This is where one side of the street, which is considered Los Angeles, is completely filled with homeless while directly across the street there are no homeless. The clear side of the street is in Culver City jurisdiction.  The contrast is startling and has become the story of Los Angeles and its enforcement policy.  Read story.

The underpass had a recent shooting that was filmed by NBC.  See Story.

While at the Exclusive Motors’ site,  O’Connor was told the story of a person who drove up to the homeless site, a homeless person met the car passenger at the curb and injected him with something in the neck.

O’Connor interviewed many of the locals and also had Dr. Drew on the air with him. Dr. Drew said Los Angeles had become a third world type city because of its lack of sanitation. He predicted that if this continues, an epidemic will occur.

Others interviewed were John Russo, co-founder and director of KeepLAMoving, who is against the road diets and Demetrios Mavrohichalis who closed several businesses including his coffee shop on Venice Blvd at the heart of the Road Diet.

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  1. Pam Richardson

    I ride through the area 3 or4 times a day at least 95 percent of the people are hard core drug addicts for serious drugs to

  2. Ray Foster

    Fascinating to me that so many of the homeless haters around here look like members of the “master race” that lost World War 2. I wish they would all renounce their U.S. citizenship and go back to Germany where their ancestors were born. The whole country would better off without them.

    • Local Yocal

      so you want to cleanse your country of an entire people based on their physical attributes? Sounds like an intriguing, solution. Idiot

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