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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAPD Beach Patrol Will Continue

The LAPD “beach patrols will continue,” according to Captain James Setzer of LAPD Pacific Division.

Many Venetians have been concerned as to whether the beach patrol that patrols the sand would continue in light of the recent running over of the sun bather Easter Sunday. The sun bather suffered rib and shoulder damage but otherwise is fine.

Captain Setzer of LAPD Pacific Division says the patrols will continue perhaps in different types of vehicles but they will continue. Right now the beach cruiser will be used only in response to emergencies, such as a missing child. Otherwise, the beach will be patrolled by the fat-tired, electric sand bicycles until ATV (alternate terrain vehicles) are obtained and then the beach will be patrolled by both.

“We are just waiting for the paperwork to go thru for the ATV vehicles,” said Captain Setzer. “We also hope to obtain eight more fat-tired sand bikes.”

A sun bather was run over a year and a half ago and that stopped all SUV patrols on the beach until October of 2018 when Chief of Police Michel Moore reinstated the patrol. The homeless took advantage of the beach during that lapse of patrol.

Captain Setzer said “We will not let the beach get in that condition again.”

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