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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Ballot Initiative Would Eliminate Vacancy Decontrol and Force Rent Caps on New Construction After 15 Years

The Venice Update was recently criticized for printing political information such as the following. It is true the Update is non political.   What many people do not realize is that within Venice there are only four areas West of Lincoln zoned R-1 (Oxford Triangle, Silver Strand, Silver Triangle, and Canals).  All the rest are multiple-unit zoning.   In this case, even single-family homes that are rented would be affected.

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  1. Rick Garvey

    Non-political? Is anti homelessness a political issue?

  2. reta

    This is suppose to be a site for all Venetians. All properties south of Washington with the exception of the Peninsula are zoned R1. The Silver Triangle and the Canals in essence are zone R-1 also. All the rest of the properties west of Lincoln and north of Washington are zoned for multiple units. So most of Venice would be concerned with this ballot issue as would other businesses within Venice. You said you were new so hope this puts things in perspective for you. If you need further assistance, feel free to comment or use Zimas and check zoning.

  3. Venice Newbie

    I’m a little bit confused here due to the content of this post. Is this a website for people in Venice who want to know what’s happening ? Or is it a website for landlords ?

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