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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Protest on 3rd Against Friday Clean Sweeps; Meanwhile, Greenwood Files Lawsuit Against City for Unclean Streets

By Rick Swinger

A group for “services not sweeps” descended on Rose and 3rd Saturday with banners, posters, and even a porta potty. The only thing missing was the homeless on 3rd! I guess they all went to the beach which is what I should have done. 

There was one homeless that was there for a moment but she told the crowd she works and camps on 3rd and wants the sweeps for they clean up the trash and other debris. 

So here is a group that is protesting for a group of homeless on 3rd who actually like the way LAPD and LA Sanitation do their jobs here on Fridays. Another thing I noticed was that I have never seen anyone from this group at the Friday clean ups that I have been covering for weeks now. That’s Venice!

Addendum added to story … 

Note: Meanwhile Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Greenwood is suing the City of LA for five million dollars because the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the City Council allowed “garbage and human feces” to accumulate on the streets outside City Hall East, ‘recklessly endangering the public’ by allowing rats and fleas to thrive.

Greenwood is the person who contracted  typhus as a result of debris.  She says. “The rotting trash and raw sewage is the soup that grows typhus.”

Perhaps the neighbors around 3rd should consider a similar lawsuit.  Maybe, they can unite with the homeless.  Rick Swinger has taken enough photos of dead Norwegian rats, has done the E coli tests at the beach, has picked up enough human feces in the vicinity that he has a t-shirt selling about “No Dumping.”

LA Times article.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    If anybody catches or has caught any of these diseases in Venice Beach or LA please let me know.1.Diseases directly transmitted by rodents
    Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
    Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
    Lassa Fever
    Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM)
    Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever
    Rat-Bite Fever
    South American Arenaviruses (Argentine hemorrhagic fever, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, Sabiá-associated hemorrhagic fever, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever)
    Tularemia 2. Diseases indirectly transmitted by rodents Babesiosis
    Colorado Tick Fever
    Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
    Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis
    La Crosse Encephalitis
    Lyme Disease
    Murine Typhus
    Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever
    Powassan Virus
    Scrub Typhus
    Relapsing Fever
    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
    Sylvatic Typhus
    West Nile Virus

  2. Rick Swinger

    Its despicable that these folks use the homeless as their own pony show to promote their different agendas. They yelled loudly into blow horns pointed at the neighbors calling us haters as if we are not keep up enough by the sounds of fighting and screaming each night there on 3rd. There are RN’s that live on this street that work graveyard shifts at local hospitals that actually take care of the homeless sick! These Idiots were interfering with their sleep! On top of that those neighbors they called haters sponsored two porta potties on 3rd at Gold’s Gym parking lot already and the meth heads and serial poopers destroyed them as documented on my site Dump. NO SHIT!

    • Long Time Venice Guy

      Doubble trouble in Swingerville. If this happened on my block Rick I would have shoved that bull horn up his ass. This is Venice not Brentwood. We know how to deal with snowflakes. I welcome them with open arms on my street.

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