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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Schrader “Bridge Housing” Facility Opens in Hollywood

Schrader, which houses 72 homeless, is the second “Bridge Housing” facility to open in Los Angeles in spite of the push by Mayor Eric Garcetti to provide such in each council district.  

 All council districts are to provide facilities.  The plan is to temporarily house 2500 people.  The first was El Pueblo in down town Los Angeles, which houses 45 people.

These facilities are supposedly the answer to getting homeless off the streets immediately and getting them help.  It was also to be the answer for neighborhoods to get the people off the streets and get their areas cleaned and back to being communities. Supposedly, the areas would be cleared, cleaned, and discouraged for repopulation. Mayor Garcetti said he would clean the areas and keep transients out.

Well … Shortly after El Pueblo opened, the ACLU and Carol Sobel sent a letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti that he could not remove people from the street because they were in close proximity to facility.  A protocol following such has not been announced.

The protocol is very important to Venetians because a 154-bed site is proposed for Venice at Sunset between Main and Pacific.  Venetians were told that because of  the facility, the areas at the beach and 3rd Ave would be cleared, cleaned, and not allowed to repopulate.  They were also promised that areas directly surrounding the facility would be free of homeless and their belongings.  

Because of the ACLA, Carol Sobel, and lack of communication or a written commitment, Venetians say “hog wash.”  The 154-unit will just be an attraction for more homeless.  There is a law suit.

For particulars on the Schrader facility opening, see the LA Times article.

Michael of Venice took the following photos and provided the comments of the Schrader facility in Hollywood at 1553 Schrader.

Just 100 feet to the right at Selma Ave and Schrader there is a park that is over run with homeless, according to Michael.

Just across the street from the park at Selma and Schrader are homeless belongings.

Then a few blocks to the east on El Centro and Sunset there are belongings and people.

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  1. Frank Miller

    That little park on Selma was populated with homeless people when I lived in that neighborhood 20 years ago. Hollywood, like Venice, has had a large homeless population for years. And there will never be a time when you see no homeless people there. It is an unrealistic goal. But the bottom line is that even if a small fraction of them are helped off the streets by these programs it is worth the cost. It’s certainly a better use of the funds than having it all go to law enforcement and clean-up crews.

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