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Let the race begin … VNC Candidates off and running at Penmar Park

Let the race begin … The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) election campaigning began with the East Venice Neighborhood Association (EVNA) invitation for the candidates of the VNC offices of president and chair of Land Use and Planning (LUPC) to speak.

Only presidential candidate Ira Koslov was present for that office. Hollie Stinson was out of the country and Scott Maher has dropped out of the race.

Alix Gucovsky and Daffodil Tyminski were the only representatives for the LUPC chairmanship. Nicole Vann has dropped out.

Each candidate was given an opportunity to discuss his background and his reasons for why he would be good for the position sought. Then questions were opened to the audience of about 40 people.

Ira Koslov

Koslov served as a VNC community officer for 11 years and is presently the president. He was a teacher and was in the entertainment business as an agent and is now retired.

He said as president he tries to make the VNC inclusive — to make sure all get to give their views. He said the board tries to be effective by getting the “council office to listen to us.” City Planning respects our recommendations that we discuss from LUPC. The session of Koslov did not get taped.

Alix is a talent agent for the entertainment industry who became an activist after moving to Venice. She first got involved in the community when a neighbor decided to remodel a house that ended up being a complete redo. She then got involved with the road diets and has gotten upset with buildings getting bigger and the parking smaller.

Alix is answering a question asked by David Ewing about the two sides of Lincoln Blvd. One in the Coastal and one not in the Coastal.

Daffodil Tyminski is an attorney in private practice. She was with the City Attorney. She has been a member of the VNC as a community officer and presently is a member of LUPC.

Daffodil is answering questions asked by Mark Ryavec regarding the MTA lot and 720 Rose Ave. She also touched on the Venice Median project.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    Mike Bonin, are you watching? There is no support for you and your nonsense in Venice.

  2. Mike Bonehead Bonin

    “Daffodil”?? She’ll be tough on the bum encampments. Not.

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