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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 19 April 2019

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is a pain. It just does not stop. SLO Jennifer Muther said it was going to be cleaned up last week. It was. People were removed but Sanitation did not come along to remove the debris left behind.  People looked at it as a gift from heaven and moved in. There was another arrest Thursday, but by Friday, several were living in one of the areas and another fellow was working on cardboard for a shelter.

One of the problems with Ocean is that it spills over to North Venice Blvd. An area on north side of North Venice has been a third world mockup. Homeless have been going thru the trash for bottles, stuff they can use, and it has created a mess. Guy on south side of North Venice is letting his stuff block the sidewalk against ADA compliance and taking up a parking space by lobbing into the street. The van with the generator has bikes attached in front and back. It is not a movable vehicle. The white car continues to fester on the Blvd adding to the blight.

The great news is that the pup tent across the street in the pocket park at Mildred/Ocean/Venice is gone. So much time and money was put into that park to make it safer for traffic and to clean it up. This was done by designer Robin Murez with the help of neighbors.

Westminster Senior Center park area now has four encampments–two on west side and two on the south side.

The good news is that no one is inhabiting the area around the old post office or the Windward Circle area.

Hampton, south of Rose, is not ADA compliant.

Hampton, north of Rose, is still the poster child for homeless, property owners, and LAPD working together. There are approximately 10 tenters and they are gone during the day. The place is steam washed and the campers return at night.

Seventh Ave has noticeably fewer tents. Two fellows were cleaning up their areas. Sanitation had just stopped by and told them they would be back on Monday to clean the area.

Penmar Park area is going to be cleaned Monday. The group at Penmar said someone had cleaned the area during the week. It is true someone cleaned it because the piles of garbage in the middle and other areas were gone. First picture shows a view of more than half the used area. The other photos are close ups on individual areas. Most people are happy to hear that someone is coming to clean.

The area behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd is so much cleaner. The tenters really wanted it cleaner and one can tell them have been working to get it that way. All garbage can around were full.

Comments (2)

  1. Steve

    A mandate on locking trash bins would go a long way. Logistically feasible? Not sure, but by installing locks, we eliminated heavy traffic of “dumpster divers” on our lot. Even no problems with Athens Services. Our sidewalks are still scattered with trash from unlocked bins on a daily basis.

  2. HeeHaw

    That little park that Robiun Murez “built” is a joke. My favorite part of it is the No Loitering signs. Loitering is the purpose of a park. That tent there was actually an improvement. It’s not like anybody ever actually uses it as a park seeing how its about the size of a large closet. And as far as what was spent ? Looks to me like it must about a hundred dollars tops.

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