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Pier Renovation, Scooter Regulation, Measure EE Featured at April VNC Meeting

By Angela McGregor

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Board meeting Tuesday was held in memory of renowned wardrobe stylist and longtime Venice resident, Suzann Chevalier.

A number of people rose to speak in general comments in opposition to Measure EE, scheduled to appear on the primary ballot this coming June 4th.   The measure, viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sax94w3bp5bs46/LAUSD%20June%204%202019%20Local%20Revenue%20Measure%20Resolution%20%2B%20Text%20FINAL%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0, would levy a parcel tax of an additional $.16 per square foot of structure per year on both residential and commercial properties. The money would be allocated toward Los Angeles schools, in an effort to get around Proposition 13 restrictions on property taxation. On a 1500 square foot home, this would add roughly $225 per year to the owner’s property tax bill.

City engineer Gus Malkoun gave a presentation on the upcoming renovation of the Venice Pier, using $5 million in city funds recently allocated toward the project at the urging of Councilman Bonin. The project, which recently received permits from the Coastal Commission, will commence September, 2019 and the pier will re-open the following May. Roughly 600 square feet of space in the adjacent parking lot will also be used for the project.

Two motions on the agenda involved regulation of motorized scooters. The first, put forth by Colleen Saro on behalf of the Ocean Front Walk committee, calls upon the City to enforce existing regulations to keep all motorized vehicles off of the Bike Path and the Boardwalk from the Marine apron south to Washington Blvd. This motion passed unopposed.

The second motion, put forth by James Murez on behalf of the Parking & Transportation Committee, calls upon the City to consider three regulatory recommendations which would all involve the sharing of rideshare data between the City and companies involved:

1) The creation of designated parking zones — white painted rectangular regions — in which persons restocking inventory of scooters, including charging personnel, would be required to place the scooters.

2) Given that encampment residents have been spotted illegally charging scooters via utility poles (for which they are compensated by the scooter companies), the requirement that anyone allowed to participate in a mobility device provider charging program show proof of a valid DWP utility bill in their name, or written permission from the owner of their rental home.

3) Modifications to the devices such that they are rendered inoperable on public right-of-ways, including bike paths and wrong way streets, or anywhere in violation of Los Angeles’s municipal code.

This motion also passed unopposed.

For the second month in a row, the meeting adjourned early — around 8:30pm. The next meeting of the VNC Board (possibly the last one for this Board, since the new Board is expected to be sworn in at the June meeting following the June 2nd elections) will be Tuesday, May 21st at 7pm.

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