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Video misinterpreted … Here are the facts

There is a video circulating of a young BID Clean worker explaining that he does not get near private property of the homeless. That is correct and was the intent. Unfortunately, it was taken by some to mean debris could not be cleaned within a certain proximity to private property,

The video was never published by the Venice Update but was put on a private news site, and hopefully, has been removed as suggested. The video was recorded by Rick Swinger.

“The BID does not have a policy stating that we cannot clean within 100 feet of living space and workers may interpret what is a respectful amount of space,” stated Mallory Powers Loring, director of donor engagement and communications for Chrysalis. Chrysalis supplies all the Clean team members for the BID.

“To help foster community, we build relationships with and actively offer assistance to all Venice community members. Cleaning our neighborhood including the living space of our unhoused community members is done in a way that prioritizes the individual’s dignity and rights,” Loring went on to say.

“This is an unfortunate misinterpretation of what was said,” said Reta Moser of the Venice Update. “It was not released by the Update, nor would it have been released without further verification. The members of the Safe and Clean team are the best group of people I have run into in the field. They work hard and don’t miss a beat. If you mention there is graffiti over there, it will be gone the next time you look. They are concerned, cooperative, courteous, and considerate.”

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  1. Rick Swinger

    With all due respect to Reta Moser All corporations Profit or Nonprofit, Religions of all denominations and local and national governments need to be watched by its citizens and News Media to make sure that they are doing their bussiness without harming the Public and Environment. I personally praise Bid for doing a great clean up at times but also will comment when I see problems. I personally photographed BID’s Power Washing toxic water from the filthy 3rd encampment into our storm drains. Thats a big problem that has to be address immediately. I have photographed these pedestrian sidewalks with trash dumped all over including E-Waste thats has Lead and Mercury. When I called BID to tell them about large TV monitors and where do they depose of them I got a laugh. So now with this very intelligent man risking his job by being a whistle blower and saying they have a policy of not cleaning up trash near encampments for ones mans trash is another treasure we are in a catch 22 situation. I hope by showing this video on my site that it will bring Awareness to this very serious pollution clean up problem BID and thee rest of us who live.work and play are facing.

  2. Rick Swinger

    We need BID and Chrysalis to understand when you power wash any area that has storm drains that flow onto our beach you have to dam up this polluted water in the gutters and vacuum up or what you will be doing is just moving this toxic water from an encampment to the children’s playground at the beach. WAKE UP!

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