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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 12 April 2019

The big news this week is that Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is cleared of all homeless residents, and the debris is going to be removed. Homeless continue to stop by and enjoy the features left behind but that is temporary.

Also what has been noticeable is that the solicitors at the 90 Freeway – Lincoln Blvd intersection have been removed. One will see a solicitor popup and then he is gone. It is against the law to solicit at any state highway but seldom enforced. It has been noticeable that there are fewer solicitors at Washington and Lincoln Blvd also. Lincoln is Route 1.

Also noticeable has been the absence of campers along the 90 Freeway from the 405 Freeway offramp to Lincoln Blvd. Many campers thru the years have camped between the north and south bound lanes of the 90 freeway. This has caused at least two fires thru the years.

Ocean Ave, 90 Freeway, and solicitor absence are the works of the LAPD.

Bad News
The bad news is that Westminster Senior Center park has one more encampment than last week. One fellow has put his tent in the pocket park at Ocean/Mildred/Venice.  Penmar Park area continues to grow as does its debris.

Poster Child
Hampton Drive north of Rose, which use to be a tragedy, is the poster child for the cooperation of the homeless, the police, the business owners. Those homeless are up and out of there as business owners clean the sidewalk.

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, is unchanged as is 4th at Sunset.

Ocean Ave
Encampment at Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd was removed thanks to SLO Jennifer Munther and her team. The encampment was on private property — the landscape area between wall and sidewalk, a violation of penal code 602.  See story.

“Officers had an arrest at the encampment this morning and warned others of trespassing and will continue to follow-up on their warnings,” wrote Officer Muther. “In addition, I have advised multiple resources to assist with the area and enforce the 602 penal code. In addition, our HOPE unit was out there after the arrest and cleaned up the area.”

The debris of the encampments on Ocean spilled to North Venice Blvd. At this point it is hard to tell whether there is an encampment on North Venice or not.

Mildred/Ocean/Venice Pocket Park
The pocket park is the one that Robin Murez designed and she and friends implemented at the intersection of Mildred/Ocean/Venice.

Windward Circle
The old postoffice lady is gone but there is a sleeper in Windward Circle.

Westminster Senior Center
Westminster Senior Center has a new encampment. Now it has two on the west side and one on the south side.

7th Ave
Seventh Ave behind Whole Foods Market and across from a residential area continues to be one full block.

Penmar Park Area
The area west of Penmar Park continues to grow in tents and garbage.

Thai Restaurant Area
The area behind the Thai restaurant looks like it may have gained a tent and lost some trash or stuff.

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  1. Bad Idea Bonin

    Is there something in the bum handbook that requires you to drop trash wherever you pitch your tent? Neighbors who don’t drop feces in the street and use a toilet might be a little less annoyed — emphasis on little — if the bums at least cleaned up their messes. Seems to be a mark of status among vagrants to make an area trashier than it began.

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