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Ocean Ave Encampment Gone, Only the Debris Remains

Encampment at Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is gone thanks to SLO Jennifer Munther and her team. The encampment was on private property — the landscape area between wall and sidewalk, a violation of penal code 602.

“Officers had an arrest at the encampment this morning and warned others for trespassing and will continue to follow-up on their warnings,” wrote Officer Muther. “In addition, I have advised multiple resources to assist with the area and enforce the 602 penal code. In addition, our HOPE unit was out there after the arrest and cleaned up the area.”

Sanitation will probably be there tomorrow, Friday, to clean up the rest. Ocean Ave has a lot of debris as does North Venice Blvd from this encampment. One person was rummaging thru the stuff.   Members of the BID Safe and Clean team were picking up the shopping carts and hazardous material.

This encampment on Ocean was left after North and South Venice Blvd were cleared and cleaned. Folks at Ocean flaunted their presence, letting people know they were not moving. It encouraged others to start to move back to North and South Venice Blvd. There is one encampment on North Venice now but it is not in violation of anything. All encampments on both sides of North Venice Blvd are gone with the one exception. It is just the debris that is left.

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  1. reta

    They are being offered temporary and permanent housing by CES. Kuehl said that in the last 18 months, 27,000 had been permanently housed. This week she says it is 14,00 in the last 18 months. Either way that is progress. The people I have talked with at the encampments, with few exceptions, do not want housing. It is out of the question to them. They like the comradery of getting high together. Perhaps, they don’t realize they can continue to drug or drink. No one is asking them to stop. So when this is realized by them, there may be more who want help. Don’t know. Hope this answers Martha’s question. People are out each day from CES trying to house these people. Someone has housing if 14K got housing. It is just that each time I ask St. Joseph if they have housing, they say no.

    • ???????

      Reta, Haven’t you figured out yet that these numbers the politicians keep throwing out are all complete nonsense ? Sheila Kuehl and Eric Garcetti are bith telluing absolute lies when they claim that L.A. has housed thousands of people. It’s fake news. How are you supposed to house somebody that has an eviction on their record with the Apartment Owners Assn. of LOs Angeles ? They have all kinds of people with good credit to rent to. They’re not going to rent an apartment to somebody with an evictiin record in this market. There is no housing for people once they become homeless. It is a big lie being shoved down your throats by a bunch of career politicians who are all just as good at lieing as our President. And yoyu’re all buying it lock, stock and barrel. THhese social workers that come around don’t have any actual housing to offer anybody. They’re just collecting a paycheck.

      • reta

        In answer to ????? You could be right. I have no way of knowing. Going from 27K to 14K within seven days is interesting. I did a story on CES and that was the last time I saw them on the streets in Venice. One time I saw CES with St. Joseph asking a lady if she wanted housing. the lady did not,. I asked “If the lady wanted housing, do you have it?” The answer was “No.”

  2. reta

    I was told by LAPD that the encampment that existed at this time would be gone and the debris would be removed. But before the debris got removed, people were moving into the debris area. Some were removed from it. Why this has continued is not known. The SLO Jennifer Muther did go on vacation. She should have been back by 12 May. The car was moved recently.

  3. Carol

    I expect a number of them will end up at Penmar which was already substantially bigger than this encampment. It’s time to find a campground for “urban refugees” and others who have zero interest in being housed if they have to abide by any rules and laws.

    • Martha

      Absolutely! It’s too much and has gone on too long. Bonin and Garcetti you need to do your job!

    • ???????

      How do you know that they have no interest in being housed if nobody is actually offering them any housing ?

      P.S. “They are being offered housing” is not a legitimate answer ( we all know that isn’t really true) so please try and come up with a credible response that doesn’t insult your intelligence or mine. Thank you.

  4. Sea

    I wish to thank all who helped make my neighborhood safer , I know it was a team effort

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