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Ocean Ave Encampment Gone, Only the Debris Remains

Encampment at Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is gone thanks to SLO Jennifer Munther and her team. The encampment was on private property — the landscape area between wall and sidewalk, a violation of penal code 602.

“Officers had an arrest at the encampment this morning and warned others for trespassing and will continue to follow-up on their warnings,” wrote Officer Muther. “In addition, I have advised multiple resources to assist with the area and enforce the 602 penal code. In addition, our HOPE unit was out there after the arrest and cleaned up the area.”

Sanitation will probably be there tomorrow, Friday, to clean up the rest. Ocean Ave has a lot of debris as does North Venice Blvd from this encampment. One person was rummaging thru the stuff.   Members of the BID Safe and Clean team were picking up the shopping carts and hazardous material.

This encampment on Ocean was left after North and South Venice Blvd were cleared and cleaned. Folks at Ocean flaunted their presence, letting people know they were not moving. It encouraged others to start to move back to North and South Venice Blvd. There is one encampment on North Venice now but it is not in violation of anything. All encampments on both sides of North Venice Blvd are gone with the one exception. It is just the debris that is left.

Comments (2)

  1. Carol

    I expect a number of them will end up at Penmar which was already substantially bigger than this encampment. It’s time to find a campground for “urban refugees” and others who have zero interest in being housed if they have to abide by any rules and laws.

  2. Sea

    I wish to thank all who helped make my neighborhood safer , I know it was a team effort

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