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Safran Explains Building for Thatcher Yard to Oxford Triangle Residents

Residents of the Oxford Triangle assembled Saturday morning to hear representatives of Thomas Safran Associates explain what they plan to put on the old Thatcher Maintenance Yard.

The property, which was to be rezoned RD1.5, makes use of two 35 percent bonuses.

Safran’s plan is to put 98 affordable units on the property, 68 will be for seniors and 30 for families. Half of the 98 units will be for formerly homeless individuals and half of that half will be for permanent supportive housing. The affordable units will be for low and extremely low incomes. Permanent supportive housing is for people who have been homeless and have a disability, such as a physical disability, reliance on drugs or alcohol.

Next step is to go thru the land use and planning committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Comments (2)

  1. reta

    First of all the whole project will be affordable, not just half. See https://veniceupdate.com/2018/12/13/safrans-group-meets-with-member-of-the-oxford-triangle-to-show-their-project/ for complete affordability income table that goes from extremely low to moderate incomes.

    Half of the project will be for homeless. Of that half there will be half of that half for Chronically Homeless, per the Measure HHH requirements. (Chronically homeless are sometimes referred to as PSH,)These definitions change according to whom one talks with. It is true Blake lumped all homeless into one category and gave them the term “homeless” and said there would be given services. Their proposal is not on the OTA website so I do not have access to it so I don’t know how they presented this. It was reported on in the previously cited update.)

    You say the terms permanently supportive and homeless housing are the same? They are not the same to me without further descriptives. They can be depending on how they are used.

    The Coordinated Entry System is used for selection. Yes, it is. There is nothing that says TSA cannot further examine these people. Whether that effects the selection or not, is really unknown at this point. This is all new. There is only one totally PSH project in Venice and they did not use the CES system because it was not in existence. The first place in CD11 will be on the former animal shelter property and it is not built yet.

    I hope this answers your comments. If not, it is important and I am still here. I can hardly read the size of the print.

  2. Angela McGregor

    Your characterization of what TSA said about the future residents of this facility is incorrect, according to my notes and the supporting materials TSA submitted to LUPC with their application. They stated that half of the 98 units — both family and senior — would be reserved for affordable housing, for individuals making no more than 50% of median area income (for more about low income housing limits, see: https://la.curbed.com/2018/5/16/17354052/affordable-housing-requirements-income-limits-los-angeles). The remaining 50% of units will, according to TSA’s documentation, “be set aside for formerly and chronically homeless households. These applicants will be selected, assessed and prioritized through the Coordinated Entry System (CES) for permanent supportive housing.” When I asked TSA to what extent they would be allowed to further filter residents referred by CES, given their very strict resident rules, they said they would apply their same, stringent screening process to prospective, formerly homeless tenants that they do to all their residents. TSA also stated that the terms “permanent supportive housing” and “formerly homeless housing” were synonymous, and that PSH/formerly homeless residents would be assigned case workers and offered services that would facilitate their re-entry into housing. As for preference, CES’s statement to that effect is as follows: “As required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 33411.3 or successor statue, first preference is given to a family in which each member, or whose sole member, is a person displaced by a governmental action, or a person whose dwelling has been extensively damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster declared or otherwise formally recognized pursuant to federal disaster relief laws. These applicants will need to self?identify on the application and provide certification at interview. They will also need to meet all other eligibility criteria for The Project.”
    Hope this clears things up. It will be, according to TSA, at least 4 years before anyone moves into Thatcher Yard, so it’s possible that CES may change their requirements between now and then, but moving forward I think it’s very important that we have the correct information. It appears that this project will most likely be on the May Land Use and Planning calendar, so I would advise anyone with further questions and/or concerns to attend that meeting, and also the May VNC Board meeting, on May 21st.

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