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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 5 April 2019

The good news is that two places disappeared this week–McDonalds and the post office. Both clean. The bad news is that two places increased in size–North Venice Blvd and Penmar Park.

Ocean Ave, which is one encampment from South to North Venice Blvd, spilled over into North Venice Blvd with two encampments and one closer to Dell. There is also a new one on the north side of the blvd. One wonders when the city, the Venice attorney, the signs will settle this. Note the one behind the Farners’ Market sign has his outdoor grill, canopy, with tent underneath.

The car continues to grow. The garbage can next to it is spilling over as well as trash growing under the car. Both
front and back windows are covered. It is not in a state of being road worthy. One sympathizer said that the car was all “they” had. Understand, but wouldn’t one realize such and act accordingly. Apparently not. The car operator and occupants need drug rehab as soon as possible.

California Vehicle Code 22669 states:

Motor vehicles which are parked, resting, or otherwise immobilized on any highway or public right-of-way and which lack an engine, transmission, wheels, tires, doors, windshield, or any other part or equipment necessary to operate safely on the highways of this state, are hereby declared a hazard to public health, safety, and welfare and may be removed immediately upon discovery by a peace officer or other designated employee of the state, county, or city

Westminster Senior Center Park has two encampments on the south side of the park.

Hampton Drive, both north and south of Rose, are the same as they were last week. Fourth, south of Sunset, is also the same as last week.

7th Ave is the same but it looks like there is at least a 10-foot clearance at the one entrance. Shogun at the north end says he is returning to Santa Cruz … more country.

Penmar Park has repopulated. There are tents from one end to the other. One cannot see them from the shade covering them in the photo. There is room for more. Garbage is being stacked in the middle and the alley looks like it is starting to be a target.

The alley hideout behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd has decreased in garbage size impressively. One fellow said they had been taking amounts of garbage daily to other trash cans. One gal is rather hostile, otherwise campers are fine.

It was a pleasure to go around the McDonalds area. The alley was clean; nothing had been stowed at Harding, and the encampment without ADA compliance was gone.

Comments (12)

  1. Real Venice Stakholders (not a Long Island fraud)

    Sounds great. You’re a hypocrite Mr. Strong Island btw. Do you get money from mommy & daddy to fund you while you “slum it” in Venice. PLEASE!

  2. Kelly

    And if you’re so gung-ho on a homeless encampment, let’s put it in your front yard or your back yard, or YOUR alley and then let’s see how you feel. I’m tired of walking outside and stepping in HUMAN FECES and being utterly afraid for me and my daughters. We have rights too.

    • Time to fight back

      These homeless bums run the show. When are the residents going to grow a pair and run them out of Venice?

  3. TheRealVeniceStakeholders

    Pretty obnoxious of people like you to oppose housing for the homeless, then complain about encampments. It’s even more obnoxious to put planters in the middle of sidewalks to keep homeless from sleeping there, then complain that other encampments are growing. Of course they’re growing idiot. What do you think, that they’re just going to disappear ? Morons. That’s what all of you are. Mo-rons.

    • ABC

      These are people who need help with mental illness and addiction issues. Housing will only enable their behavior if we don’t address the underlying issues, and allowing them to die on the streets is the opposite of compassion. We need to change the laws to allow society to help people who decline help as a condition of their illness. Mandatory mental health care and/or drug rehab, then housing. I think we’ll find that a lot of people living on the street can take care of themselves just fine if we make the effort to get them healthy and stop enabling them to continue dangerous and self destructive behavior.

      • TheRealVeniceStakeholders

        Let me see if I’m getting this straight. You think that in a city where people who are making 50,000 a year are considered low income and rents citywide are currently so high that you can’t find anything anywhere for less than 1500 a month that “all” the homeless are in their situation because they’re mentally ill drug addicts who need help ? Seriously ? I feel sorry for you. I truly do. Why ? Because you’re an idiot, that’s why. And all the money in the world will never change that. Money can’t buy you intelligence. It might buy you a diploma from some college so that people assume you’re intelligent but that’s not the same thing as actually being intelligent.

        • ABC

          I can see that we’re far apart on this issue, but I would just ask you to consider the possibility that at least some of the homeless in our community are dealing with severe drug addiction and mental health issues that require more from us than just housing and financial assistance. What is your proposal to help these people?

          • TheRealVeniceStakeholders

            I do have a plan actually.

            1. Anybody who is here from out-of-state that has never rented or owned anywhere in the city of L.A. should get bus tickets back to wherever they came from. If they don’t want to leave I think they shouild be thrown in jail on a vagrancy charge and kept there until they beg for that bus ticket back home.
            That now leaves us with a much smaller number of people. And those people should be getting help in the following order 1. The elderly. 2. The disabled 3. The mentally ill 4. Veterans 4. Anybody who isn’t a drunk or a drug addict.

            Notice I left out drunks and drug addicts. That’s because what I think they need is just to be told by the police to move on whether they want to go or not.

    • Will Slotsky

      The only real moron is you. The homeless are breaking the law and they need to be jailed or go into a shelter or a program. We need the law to enforce the city codes period. I am not interested in the plight of the homeless. Find another town to terrorize.

      • TheRealVeniceStakeholders

        The courts have ruled differently Will. And in this country once a court rules that’s the only opinion that carries any weight. If you don’t like it, too bad.

    • Kelly

      Hey TheRealVeniceStakeholders – the only real moron here is YOU. If this encampment was next to your property that you have legally paid for and it was decreasing your home value, you would care. We all want the homeless to get help, but there are laws and rules, last time I checked. You can’t set up a camp ANYWHERE you want. It’s insane, no matter what your economic status. And the hard truth is, a lot of these people are drug addicts and criminals – I see them daily on the ring app report. There are children here, and it’s not fair to have to walk to school afraid, dodging needles and insanity. WAKE UP

      • TheRealVeniceStakeholders

        Life isn’t supposed to be “fair” Kelly. If you don’t like to see all this poverty around you get out of the big city and move to a suburb. Long Island has some very nice suburbs. And if you live in the one like the one I grew up in your property taxes will even entitle you and your family to their own private beach next to Jones Beach that’s just for people who live in your town and nobody else.

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