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Let’s Sue Until We Take Back California …

Note: This is another story, such as Kathryn Johann’s was for the 18 March Update. These stories exemplify the frustration Venetians see and feel living in Venice. Greg takes it further and feels we should take it to court, to the Ninth Circuit and beyond, if necessary, until “we” take back California.

By Greg Strause

My house on the Silver Strand was invaded Saturday night (I cant say broken into because the 2nd floor doesn’t have doors now) and LAPD was able to nab the intruder.

This is the 3rd homeless person to break in over the last 18 months (we have been remodeling so it’s an obvious target for now). I was shocked to learn that a simple home invasion is a misdemeanor, and I had to follow through on a citizens arrest in order to have LAPD take the intruder to jail. They wouldn’t arrest him for home invasion.

Turns out he migrated to LA from North Carolina. He’s an admitted drug addict, and brags about living on the beach and thinks it is great because it only requires a tent. He has several arrests in LA for grand theft auto, as well as others for home invasion and possession. This individual brags about how how social security checks come every month and section 8 makes it great. He also loves the Venice skate park and has recently learned how to skate board. With life this good, why should anyone look for a job or attempt to be a productive member of society.

The sad part is that the girl he followed to LA is in prison now for 2 years for home invasions. He managed to get released from prison early after his last arrest because he completed some rehab meetings. Gotta love criminal justice reform, right ?

We need to develop a larger coalition and take the fight to the 9th circuit court and beyond. We have to step up or the California we all fell in love with will be forever gone.

My vote is to take back California. I can’t sleep at night knowing we are letting these people take over

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  1. Leza Bonelli

    Greg can you tell me how to contact you. My Facebook is

    Leza Bonelli I want to speak with you about coalition

  2. Dave

    This is your utopia. You voted a super majority communist party into power the only laws they enforce are gun grabbing ones. So pay your oppressive taxes, invite the lazy leaches into your homes and have a nice fiesta . Remember no walls no guns no rights that’s what you’ve been voting for California for the last 40 years. Those politicians certainly arent gonna listen to you now. Good luck with that and don’t pick up and move to another state so you could ruin that one too .

    • Lee

      Hmmm, North Carolina, isn’t that one of your precious red states? Maybe if your states spent more on education we wouldn’t be terrorized by your residents.

  3. Don Daniels

    Home invasion is not defined as a separate crime in most places. The The chargeable crimes are whatever the person does, such as B&E, trespassing, assault, etc. And in most places where it is defined, it usually requires a weapon of some kind and an intent to do harm to someone who is present within.
    It sounds more to me like you have someone who is trespassing, maybe vandalizing.. not to make light of those because nobody wants that done to their property, and I’m sure even the guy you spoke of would object to someone breaking into his tent on the beach or Section 8 housing and trashing the place.

    The police most likely don’t respond unless there is a citizen’s arrest like yours because otherwise, the offender is gone by the time they get there, and there is not much they can do except the paperwork that aids an insurance claim.

    • Chelsea

      You mention “chargeable crime , trespassing and asult “
      I want to k ow where the line is drawn since we had our problems in the neighborhood where the same transiet assaulted a neighbor a continued to break in /trespass on a property . Signs where posted and the owner even signed the forms to specifically not wanting this person to be on her property ……. when neighbors spotted and stool photos nothing could be done no arrests made ……

  4. Patricia

    I absolutely agree with you. Our cities are supposed to represent our interests in these suits, like Jones, but they don’t. We need to find an attorney who will challenge these things, up past the Ninth Circuit, if need be. The city of Boise is now appealing, I hear, so I hope they prevail.

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