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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 29 March

A couple of the areas have increased and a couple decreased.  Westminster Senior Center park has been added and McDonald’s has been removed.   The area behind the Thai Restaurant was cleaned by Sanitation Wednesday, decreasing that debris considerably.

Both 7th Ave and Penmar Park increased in tents.  Fourth decreased in tents as did McDonald’s area.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is the same.  In fact, North Venice Blvd looks the same.  The vans have moved to the north side of the street, the car that is growing continues to root itself, and the couch and garbage are gone.  Ocean encampment just seems to expand around the North and South Venice Blvd.

The Grand Canal is the same, except the pipe was removed from the walk way, and the graffiti was removed.

The post office had only one resident.  One cannot tell whether the lady moved or the new resident moved.

Westminster Park at the Westminster Senior Center had two separate encampments.  One in the front and one on the north side.  Those on the north side use to be the ones on Main.


Hampton Drive, south of Rose, was the same.  Safe Team from the BID were there to wake people.  They were not ADA compliant.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, people were leaving from the west side of the street, getting ready for the street to be cleaned by the commercial owners.

Fourth, just south of Sunset, looked like it had fewer residents than last time and Fourth, north of Sunset, had a lot of storage “stuff” from 3rd because of cleanup day on 3rd.  There are no encampments on this side of 4th.

Seventh Ave behind Whole Foods is packed solid.  In fact, it is doubtful there is a 10- foot clearance between the driveways for the Whole Food trucks.  That is a violation of the Jones Settlement. There is no ADA clearance. One lady has her living room established.




Penmar Park area has added a few tents since last week.

McDonald’s general area is better.  The encampment in the alley is gone so the alley is passable.  There is a storage area on the street next to McDonald’s but that is it.

The hideout behind the Thai restaurant at the Northeast Corner of Lincoln and Venice has been cleaned.  It reduced the area to at least half but left a lot of  “stuff” behind.   The 10 kids in tents in the alley are still there.  One resident supposedly is looking into the legality of the alley being blocked.



Comments (3)

  1. Betty Hawkins

    Thanks for posting my tent.

  2. Noah

    What is really sad is that while these encampments are increasing, so is the gang activity around Venice. Not saying the homeless are involved with the gang activities but the lack of police enforcement is evident with the increase of crime. I hope Bonin recognizes that he is destroying the community and making people who have lived here for years leave-not due to gentrification but due to the increase in crime.

  3. Bad Idea Bonin

    Hands down the best weekly update of the encroaching bum encampments and filth. Unfortunately, it’s researched and posted by private citizens, not Bonin or any other city flunkies.

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