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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd Ave, Friday Before Cleanup

By Rick Swinger

This is 3rd Ave, Friday, 29 March before cleanup. Looks like someone is cooking on 3rd.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Unreal stakeholders we have already 24/7 bathrooms near 3rd so there is no reason to have more for there is never a line. Still with these 24/7 bathrooms on Rose Beach you have serial poopers shitting all over the nearby streets and without ever cleaning up after themselves. We have documented and made an Environmental Awareness poster for Mike Bonin showing the streets where these serial poopers do their business. The only complaining here is the complaining about complaining that you are doing. That’s not producing anything it’s unreal that you even do that.

    • Matt Fong

      Rick, get a grip describing the pooping habits of the homeless to a nut like this is just plain nuts. Man, I hope you’re not starting to lose it. Keep your eye on the prize buddy.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Ben Why are you even commenting on Venice update? You don’t live here. I think Venice is what you make it. Im having fun. Getting my bicycle and Harley ready for some great times coming into spring. I feel its getting better for we are coming together on these clean ups. ASA/Awareness,Support,Action

  3. Matt Fong

    I was out on 3rd the other day and saw a guy dropping a deuce right on the sidewalk in front of everyone. Disgusting.

    • The RealVeniceStakeholders

      Mike Bonin wanted to put a couple of port-a-potties over there but they nev er got placed because of opposition from nearby residents. So if you want to blame somebody, blame the residents who oppose everything for the homeless population, even portable bathrooms

      • Rick Swinger

        Unreal stakeholders you don’t have a clue what really is happening. Because of the stress and Anxiety of living on theses rat infested streets these serial poopers intentionally Defecate on the street in hard to clean places. No amount of bathrooms is going to fix this!

        • The RealVeniceStakeholders

          It’s you that’s clueless. You oppose bathrooms on 3rd St., then complain about “serial poop[ers.” Why ? Because it gives you something to complain about that’s why. If you didn’t have anything to complain about you’d have no life.

  4. Rick Swinger

    You couldn’t pay me enough to eat there! The terrible thing is these serial poopers get dysentery all the time and shit all over around 3rd. Now we have no choice but to hose this Hepatitis A laden wet shit down our storm drains. This shit then pools up at the end of Rose Ave storm drain that is next to a playground where children play. Someday a young child will die from playing in that pool of feces infested waters for their immune systems are just developing. Then and only then will they say why did we let this encampment be next to these storm drains in the first place?

    • Ben Holt

      Rick, this is why I am glad I live in Brentwood. Living in this cesspool will take years off your life. Life expectancy in Venice isn’t looking good for its residents.

  5. Rick Swinger

    Yes and cleaning their pans in the gutter next to Google! One has to wonder what is the ECOLI/Coliform count in that water! We should test it and find out! Hate to see another disease outbreak in Los Angeles Mr. Bonin!

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