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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Signs Arrive for Friday Cleanup on 3rd Ave

(Photo by Rick Swinger.)

The signs for Cleanup Friday arrived en masse Wednesday for Friday cleanup.

Activist Rick Swinger who keeps watch over 3rd Ave cleanups said the real cleanups when they power washed the sidewalks and cleaned the streets have been stopped for years. Only occasionally would they wash the streets and power wash.

Swinger talked with people from the Watershed Protection Division of the Bureau of Sanitation and one fellow said the 3rd Ave was worse than Skid Row. As of last week, that has changed. The signs went up and Friday 3rd got cleaned — street and sidewalks.

One does not know what happened but a year or so ago power washing only occurred once a month. Cleanup was every week but power wash only happened once a month. Perhaps, it was the budget. Then Public Storage cleaned their side of the street daily.

All that has changed thanks to the diligence to Rick Swinger.

Comments (2)

  1. Bad Idea Bonin

    Is there any reason why Surfrider, Heal the Bay and all the other self-appointed beach protectors don’t see a problem here with feces pouring onto their beloved beaches?

  2. Rick Swinger

    Reta, Thank you for your kind words but these sanitation guys are the heroes they do this day in and day out! We need them more than once a week here on 3rd and if it take overtime hours to do it so be it! We also need them around our alley for that is where these “Serial Poopers” poop. Remember Serial Poopers don’t use restrooms thats why they are called serial poopers. All this shit flows down the storm drains and onto our beach so are next job is to see if we can get these campers to volunteer to move back away from these storm drains so less pollution gets to our beach and ocean and world. Since Mike Bonin is putting up rat proof trash cans in his neighborhood and not in Venice I would suggest to these campers to go to his Great Street Project on Venice Blvd where you see those rat proof trash cans. You won’t have so many rats trying to nibble on your toes or knawing at your tent. You have just as much rights to camp there than in this rat infested area on 3rd. You might just see Mike stroll on by your camp. That would be beneficial for you could at least speak to him and say where is my housing going to be ready?

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