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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Homeowners’ Alliance (VHA) Files Lawsuit Against City for Abuse of SurveyLA

The Venice Homeowners’ Alliance has served the City of LA with papers initiating legal action for their Office of Historic Resources (OHR) gross abuse of SurveyLA, which has severely restricted Venice property rights and caused alarming declining home value.

Note that the suit is on behalf of Barry Cassilly and the VHA – the Cassilly property is the necessary individual case named in the filing. Mr. Cassilly has exhausted all administrative options to remodel his house in compliance with current guidelines. As co-plaintiff, VHA represents hundreds of other homeowners similarly hurt by OHR’s actions. Proof of Service and Notice of Trial Setting Conference have also been filed. (Additional information may be obtained by emailing venicehomeowners@gmail.com.)

What is SurveyLA and how is it being abused
SurveyLA is a field survey that catalogues LA’s buildings and neighborhoods and was conducted with only superficial research. In Venice, west of Lincoln, there are only 9 official historically designated properties. Yet for several years now, the Office of Historic Resources (OHR) has been surreptitiously misusing SurveyLA, which was meant as a planning tool only, to confer de facto historic designation on over 1,600 Venice properties. None of the legal steps required for such designation have been followed. No owners have been notified. No public hearings have been held. OHR’s actions are wholly illegal and represent a gross abuse of government power.

Is your home affected?
If you live within the districts created by OHR make no mistake, your property is at risk. This is true whether you wish to improve it or intend to sell it at some point. Is your property located in any of OHR’s named districts highlighted on the maps below? Links to lists of property addresses are also included:

“Lost Venice Canals District”
Within the boundaries of the streets: San Juan Ave., Main St., Grand Blvd., Cabrillo Ave.

Milwood Venice Walk Streets District
(scroll to page 91 of pdf)
Within the boundaries of the streets: Lincoln Blvd, Palms Blvd., Amoroso Ct., Electric Ave.

North Venice Walk Streets District http://preservation.lacity.org/sites/default/files/Venice_Districts_175_330_0.pdf
Within the boundaries of the streets: Speedway, Westminster Ave., Navy Ct., Main St.

If your home is within any of the areas above, it has been identified as part of an historic district without your knowledge, input or any due process. And yet, at OHR’s behest, you will not be allowed to remodel or build according to existing legal zoning codes. This adds significant additional obstacles, restrictions and expenses to the already daunting process of property improvement in the Coastal zone.

Check to make sure your home is not identified (outside previous maps)
There are also hundreds of individually identified historic properties that do not necessarily lie within the above named “districts.” These sites are located throughout Venice, including some that are east of Lincoln Blvd. See this link: http://preservation.lacity.org/sites/default/files/Venice_Individual%20Resources_0.pdf

Time for Action
Donate. You can contribute by check made out to Venice Homeowners’ Alliance. Send to: VHA 824 Milwood Avenue Venice, CA 90291. Please include your email address when you send so that we may email you a receipt.

EMAIL and CALL our representatives and tell them NO to SurveyLA!
Email click here to copy and paste into email. Tell them NO on SurveyLA!
Mike Bonin mike.bonin@lacity.org 213 473-7011
Chad Molar chad.molnar@lacity.org 213 473-7011
Krista Klein krista.kline@lacity.org 213 473-7011
Len Nguyen len.nguyen@lacity.org 213 473-7011
Eric Garcetti mayor@lacity.org 213 978-1028
Vince Bertoni vince.bertoni@lacity.org 213.978.1271
Kevin Keller kevin.keller@lacity.org 213 978-1272

Please help with fundraising, membership outreach, social media development, political action. Simply email venicehomeowners@gmail.com and add I CAN HELP to the subject line or via our contact us page on our website here.

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