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3rd Ave Gets Washed with Truck and Power

Note: Many complained about 3rd Ave between Sunset and Rose not being washed on Fridays for months. The power wash team finally told Rick Swinger, local activist, that they could not power wash with cars in the street because of the liability. Rick Swinger took it upon himself to find out who could get the signs. SLO Kristan Delatori obtained the signs in time for cleaning on Friday. Hopefully, the signs will be there in time for cleaning each week.  All photos are courtesy of Rick Swinger.

By Rick Swinger

Wow! they had the big truck and power washers out in force today!
2019 3/22 11AM Full throttle clean up by LA Sanitation and Watershed Protection Division! Amazing! Now with the Temporary No Parking Signs posted this handed over the much needed “Right of Way” and These guys were ready! Now one has to ask our Councilmember Mike Bonin why wasn’t this done months ago? Why not twice a week for we need this type of cleaning on 3rd? LA Sanitation Watershed Protection Division agrees and they should know!

7 am 3rd next to Google, Gold’s Gym.  have never seen so many Temporary No Parking signs on 3rd before! Tent Campers were getting off to a slow start but it takes time to clear a camp this size. The overall feeling was happiness that most the cars are gone so the gutters and sidewalks can be properly cleaned finally!

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  1. Mike Bravo

    Rick Swinger has NO life. Bitching about that Skid Rose encampment is all he lives for. I’m starting to think Rick got what he deserved when that vagrant broke his arm.

    • That filth

      This is why your crime maps are distorted and manipulated https://imgur.com/gallery/LOwdFZa time ask brian the appointed captain what’s happnin… the arson from the previous tenant in my unit is active and open so not on maps from March of 2018… ahhh cause it’s at LAX a whole separate legal entity.. we should request t hiers says and see how they lap

      Rick seems to present valid po8nts and rightly has been over traumatized by the zombie bullshit…
      I don’t blame him or anyone and I’m super ashamed I’m demographically part of that group….
      I was promised and shown an appartment I could be proud of and even feel comfortable bring people to visit. I was offered an O ppertunity to try and establish myself as a contributing member of society as I continued to heal and recover from trauma and facial reconstruction.. I was promised support to assure I was on a path to self reliance… I’m insulted ashamed and pissed that instead of me getting to be welcomed into a community I could totally be of b enifit and assimilate to easily..
      I’m part of the zombie hoard..
      According to VCH and LAPD one of the worst

  2. Rick Swinger

    Harry you need to take a deep breath and calm down and slowly read. I never advocated for the use of force to move 3rd street campers you did. I have lived here longer than you even before that Rat Infested Public Storage was build with 1800 units and no on site recycling. I use to go to the POP when I lived at the Penmar Apartments in Venice back in the early 60’s with my parents. I know this environment better than you Harry. Yes I live around the corner from the encampment and I walk there almost everyday. Who do you think found out about some the Homeless feeding the Rats coming out of Public Storage? Who found out about the homeless getting their toes bitten by Big Daddy Norway Rats at night while they tried to sleep? This Hellish Ave with odious odors of Feces,Urine,Vomit and Meth is only fit for wild rodents and possums not human beings! The high anxiety camping on 3rd drives the Serial Poopers to defecate nearby next to the only storm drains that flow directly to the beach polluting the sands where children play. Unregulated Sidewalk Camping is putting everyone in a danger zone but there are better and healthier sidewalks to camp than 3rd. Mike Bonin has just installed Rat proof trash cans on Venice Blvd with his Great Streets development and homeless camping is allowed there for its in Los Angeles and with fewer rats less of a disease outbreak makes the most logical sense. Reducing the size of the population of these transients on 3rd by offering a better and safer sidewalk that is ironically around the corner of a Councilman Mike Bonin house might be the smartest move any homeless could do for I would believe Mike would want to help the homeless find housing especially the ones he would see everyday if they voluntarily moved to Venice Blvd around Boise St. The sidewalks are wide and their are plenty of shade trees to. A much better Environment and the storm drains flow into the sewage treatment plant and not on our beach!

  3. Rick Swinger

    Harry exactly and none of this is going to happen overnight. So the best thing we can do right now is offer a better camping environment for these folks. Being next to a rat infested warehouse and storms drains that flow directly onto our beach putting thousands in harms way is not the best camp. It’s the worst. We should be offering the best and cleanest sidewalks available. Since Mike Boinin has installed these Rat Proof Trash Cans on his Great Streets And these streets are away from the storm drains that flow into the beach the safest and healthiest streets would be ironically around the corner from Mike Bonin House on The wide streets of his Great Street development.

    • Harry Krum

      This is not Germany in the 1930’s Rick. We’re not going to be forcibly relocating anybody into any ghettos. And the only real reason you want to relocate them is because you live right across the street from the encampment on 3rd Street. That encampment has been there for years. You knew it was there when you moved in across the street. You’re as bad as all the people around here who move ibnto a neighborhood that they knew was liberal and then complain that the neighborhood is liberal.

      • Nick Z

        Not exactly true Harry. While there have always been more homeless in Venice than elsewhere, the community has been inundated in the past several years with drug addicted, hoarding campers, often from out-of-state, who specifically move to Venice because for some reason, we can’t enforce laws like the places they move from. I’ve been here 15 years and it was never remotely this bad until a few years ago. Neighbors who have been here far longer than I can’t remember it ever being this bad either.

        • Harry Krum

          I’ve been here since the 1980’s. And the homeless situation was just as bad then as it is now. It ebbs and flows. There used to be a huge encampment of tents on the beach right down at Rose when I first moved in. What we are currently seeing here in L.A. is the result of the recession that we had in this country 10 years ago. A lot of people never bounced back because prices from everything from housing to food have risen dramatically in post recession 21st Century America. And it is the middle class and low income workers who have taken the brunt of it.

          • Nick Z

            Except CA unemployment is at 4.2% and US at 4%. In 2006, the CA unemployment rate was about 5%. All those jobs lost in the Great Recession have been recovered and then some. No, a large percentage of the Venice homeless are people attracted to the lack of legal enforcement of basic laws that are enforced everywhere else. Do a little research. You’ll be hard pressed to find an interview with a truly “local” Venice camper.

          • Harry Krum

            The numbers you are citing are irrelevant due to the fact that rents are so damned high that it doesn’t matter what the employment rate is. You cannot find an apartment anywhere in L.A. anymore that isn’t at least 1500 a month. And the only people who can comfortably afford to pay 1500 a month and up are white collar professionals and television actors. Everybody else is either living way above their means or they’re ending up on the streets where they get smeared by people like you who stereotype them all as just being a bunch of losers and drug addicts. What we have here in L.A. is an unsustainable situation where the rich are getting richer because they’re bleeding the working class dry. Back in 1987 I lived right on the corner of Sunset and Speedway. I was paying 935 a month plus utilities for a one bedroom ocean view apartment. That was considered an expensive apartment in the 80’s . Now you can’t even find a single apartment in Van Nuys for that kind of money. It’s sad what has happened to L.A. And its going to get a whole lot sadder because eventually people are going to get so fed up seeing all of their paychecks go to their landlord that we’re going to have a nice big bloody revolution here. And then you guys will really have something to complain about.

      • reta

        Harry, you are tending to get off base and maybe out of the game. This is not Germany nor was Germany implied. Rents are high, people are getting paid more, costs have gone up. It is a different world now than it was in the 1980’s. If your job is not reflecting these things perhaps it is time to get another job, occupation, move to another town to better fit your income. Think about these things. Don’t blame someone for wanting to clean a street.

        • Harry Krum

          You know what Reta ? Why don’t you mind your own business ? You have got to be the most arrogant witch I have ever encountered in my life. The fact that you have your broom so far stuck up your a** that you can’t see the problem with a major metropolitan city like L.A. becoming so damned expensive that the only people who can afford to live in it are people who are making 1500 a week and above pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with you, your point of view, your “encampment updates” and this right-wing website you own. I feel sorry for you witch. I really do. You are just an unhappy miserable old hag with way too much free time on your hands.

      • Bert Gomez

        I think the name is Harry Bum. The encampment is illegal and has no business on any street.

  4. Rick Swinger

    I think its time we offer the transients on 3rd another campsite that has less rats, pollution and no storm drains that flow into the ocean. Mike Bonin’s Great Streets! If its Great for Mike Bonin it would be Great for the Homeless too! Check out these Rat Proof Trash Cans Mike Bonin is delivering to his Great Streets at….. https://www.facebook.com/illegalDumpingVeniceBeach2016/

  5. Rick Swinger

    Like near Mike Bonin’s house in Mar Vista for they don’t have storm drains that go into the ocean like we do and he just recenty delivered rat proof trash cans there!

  6. Rick Swinger

    This is the perfect example how our local government and our super rich corporations, non profits have failed the local community here in Venice Beach. Its now our local marine environment’s only hope is in its citizens will stand up and not allow this pollution to get to our Beach then Ocean then World. See this lack of awareness (to be polite and civil) a warning to Google, Public Storage, St. Joseph Center and Gold’s Gym that they too need to be aware of their part in their sidewalk’s pollution and help clean this Health Hazard Up. First start would be to lobby our public officials to do this type of major clean up twice a week until all the campsites gets moved to an area better suited for sidewalk camping. One that would have rat proof trash cans and no storm drains that flow into our ocean!

    • Marlene

      It is inconceivable that we would spend so much 💲 cleaning up these disgusting,
      unsanitary messes instead of prohibiting them to begin with. SMH
      Thanks for your help with this !!!!

      • Harry Krum

        If you want to prohibit encampments like this the only solution is to stop opposing shelters in your neighborhood. The courts have been clear that you cannot prohibit homeless people from sleeping on your sidewalks if you do not offer them an alternative. If there were a shelter here in Venice that had 1,000 beds then you would all get your wish. The police would then be able to tell all the homeless people here to go sleep in the shelter or move on. And it has to be a shelter that would accomodate all the homeless, hence the 1,000 bed number. You can’t just build a shelter with 150 beds and expect to be able to tell the other 850 left to move on. You will be sued by the ACLU. And you will lose.

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