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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 22 March 2018

Just when one thinks things can get better, things change. Looks like most of the encampments have increased in size since last week when it was stated that things were getting better. New to the Update is Westminster Park. This week activity around McDonald’s restaurant on Lincoln was included. Fourth Ave between Rose and Sunset had a lot of storage. Hopefully, it is from 3rd because Friday is cleaning day and not a new encampment.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd continues to grow. Encampment now fills  Ocean Ave totally between North and South Venice Blvd. Garbage and a couch sitting on North Venice across from a non-ADA compliant encampment on North Venice Blvd did not help the scene. And the car that is not street drivable continues to grow on North Venice.

There are all kinds of rumors about this area. The sign situation has been discussed. It is now rumored that there is a generator that runs at night on Ocean to charge scooters. Neighbors have complained. There are two new tenters on South Venice Blvd, west of Dell.

The Grand Canal site between North and South Venice Blvd got some graffiti and it looks like someone threw a pole down the ramp. There are always a couple of guys hanging there.

Lady at old postoffice on Windward has another sitter. Does not look like either are ADA compliant.

Westminster Senior Center Park had a couple of encampments. Think one group consisted of the people who had been on Main Street next to the school. Not suppose to park at the park. One person is hostile. 

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, has two separate encampments and they seem to be about the same size.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, which had no tenters last week had a couple of storages on the east side. It is assumed they were from the west side. West side is washed each day. Friday the guy who does the washing said his compressor was not working so washing might not happen on West side.

Fourth, south of Sunset, looks like it might have gained a couple tenters. But 4th, south of Rose, was filled with “stuff” being stored. Hopefully, it was from 3rd for weekly cleaning.

7th Ave behind Whole Foods at Rose is one total encampment — corner to corner.  There might be room for a couple of little tents but otherwise, the area is full. All but one tent was up and no one was ADA compliant. It is near St. Joseph’s Bread and Roses and supposedly they serve food. Food and public restrooms are a big draw for the homeless. Whole Foods has a public restroom.

Penmar Park, west of golf course, added a couple tents.

The hideout behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd is still about the same. Sanitation has not come. The kids look like they have re-stacked the “extra stuff” to look like there is less. This is the area where it really is a thoroughfare but has a fence and provides refuge for 10 tenters.  What is to be done with this area is not know at this time.

The area at McDonald’s restaurant on Lincoln was added because occasionally it will look crowded with homeless and the area surrounding occasionally looks seedy. There is one encampment next to the motel and one in the alley. The alley is not passable easily. Near the area is Harding where planters have been put and where homeless store stuff between.

Motorhomes and vans are still across the street from Google and in front of the Frank Geary designed building occupied by Google.  Sunset, at the side of Google, is another row of motorhomes.

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  2. Carlie Potatoes

    We need to follow the money. Only then we will know the truth. Venice residents deserve to know the truth. We are sick and tired of all the corruption in Venice.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Ben I see you can care less about pollution and the sickness that comes from it. Venice Beach is a Marine Environment that needs to be protected. You are also responsible for the pollution from the storm drains goes to the bay where everybody is effected. So you don’t swim I bet apathy is your game plan I see. Maybe you don’t have any children but Im sure you neighbors have and they take them to the beach close by and isn’t being by the ocean one of the reasons you live near the coast. If you don’t care for it and protect it you don’t deserve to live next to it!

    • Ben Holt

      Rick, I can see you’re a one-man band. Without any help from your hipster neighbors. Rick, we could use a guy like you in Brentwood. Our plan is to have the homeless stay in Venice. Nothing personnel Rick. It’s just business. We are going to help build as many shelters in Venice as we possibly can. Until then we will help shift the encampments down to Venice.

      • Rick Swimger

        Thank you Ben You can keep your Brentwood I would never trade Venice for yours sorry but Venice is more than neighborhood it’s a feeling. it’s hard to point a finger on it exactly what it is but it’s got it and folks lovenice

  4. Ben holt

    I live in Brentwood. Venice residents and Venice are a cesspool. I am glad Mike Bonin figured out the perfect place for them to be.

  5. John ryan

    We, Angelenos, get what we voted for. Vote the liberal agenda and this is the result. Go Culver City!!!

  6. Bad Idea Bonin

    If the cops just focused on the stolen bikes alone, they could clean the streets of half these vagrants. But with felonies being reduced to misdemeanors and misdemeanors being reduced to nothing — and sleeping and defecating in the street being celebrated by Homeless Inc. — there’s little to stop Venice from becoming Mumbai — with worse sanitation.

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