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VNC Welcomes New LUPC Member; Postpones Scooter Vote

By Angela McGregor

Tuesday’s VNC meeting was held two hours after the deadline for candidate filing in the upcoming VNC election. Despite some technical glitches with EmpowerLA  website due to heavy, last-minute activity, a  total of 52 candidates registered — 14 for the various specific officer posts, with the remainder for at-large community officer positions — the highest number of candidates for any Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election so far.

Prospective candidates who were unable to register by the 5 pm deadline should contact Ivan Spiegel at elections@venicenc.org. Within the next couple of weeks, he will be contacting candidates to let them know about upcoming events — a Candidate Orientation is planned for April 10th. For a list of who’s running, see: https://clerkappsele.lacity.org/nccandidates/?ncid=41.

The Land Use and Planning Committee announced a vacancy at the last meeting, and one application was received to fill it.  Carlos Zubieta is the latest member of LUPC.  Mr. Zubieta is the owner of a local architectural firm. Both items on LUPCs calendar for the meeting were approved.

The Board voted to postpone the motion on the agenda that would call upon the City to enforce the existing ordinance keeping motorized vehicles off of the Boardwalk and Bike Path, for multiple reasons, including the absence from the meeting of the motion’s author, Colleen Saro.  Other postponement reasons were the ongoing negotiations between the City, Bird and LADOT which will result in new restrictions on such vehicles and the passage of a similar motion at a previous VNC meeting. The motion will be taken up again at the April meeting.
Finally, the Board voted to unanimously approve a motion to request that LADOT and CD11 conduct a traffic analysis study of Dell Avenue, which has become increasingly dangerous due to Waze-generated cut-through traffic.

The meeting adjourned around 8:30pm. The next meeting of the VNC will be Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm.

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