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Venice Update

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“No Parking” Signs Up on 3rd Ave

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Guzman.)

Temporary-No-Parking-on-Friday signs went up on 3rd Ave Wednesday morning, providing 24-hour notification to prevent drivers from parking on 3rd on Friday.

There has been much controversy regarding steam cleaning the street and sidewalks on 3rd on Fridays. Rick Swinger, activist in the area, was told by Sanitation last Friday that Sanitation could not steam clean the streets or sidewalks on 3rd because of the parked cars. It would be a liability for them to clean, possibly causing damage to a car.

Since that time Swinger has been in touch with Taylor Bazley, Venice representative, and SLO for the area Kristan Delatori.  They both have agreed it would be a good idea to steam clean the street, sidewalks on 3rd, and said they would work to get the necessary signs for Sanitation.

SLO Kristan Delatori initiated the request with Public Works to get the signs.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Just A note Taylor Blazey nor Mike Bonin returned my emails about the problem of 3rd Ave not having any power washing done for months. Interesting why the city stop posting the temporary no parking in the first place causing the pollution and bacteria to be worst than DTLA Skid Row LA Santation Watershed protection said last Friday. Mark Trujillo Environmental compliance Inspector forLA Santation says 3rd needs more cleaning than once a week
    . Similar conditions but DTLA Skid Row gets cleaned everyday. Residents wonder why not Venice where we have the same pollution and Rat problems as DTLA? What are they waiting for and outbreak of Typhus maybe?

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