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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 15 March 2019

The good news is that places such as Harding, Staples, Lake, Harrison are old stories with great endings thanks to neighbors coming together. There are no new stories this week only updates on those still existing.

Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd is getting more contentious and more concentrated. There seems to be a lot of living from one end to the other. The word has spread that the police can’t touch them. Well, perhaps true, and perhaps, not true. Two policemen stopped by and said unfortunately “we cannot do anything.” It was mentioned in last week’s Update that one needed new signs or for the present signs to be turned around so that the landscaped area was covered. That was the scuttlebutt for last two weeks and everyone was rushing the signs.

It was rumored this week that Claudia Martin, attorney for Venice, said that was not true and that she would talk to the Captain.   So here we go. Photo only shows the north end of Ocean. Difficult to shoot into the sun and the shade.

The cars and vans on North Venice Blvd seem to be rather clean this week with the exception of the white car that is growing on the road. The brown van of last week and all its “stuff” laid out on both sides of the boulevard is still gone. The blue van is the recycle van.

The Grand Canal area that was subject to controversy is totally clean. Last week there were two scooters that had been thrown down the ramp. This was mentioned to Paul of the BID Clean Team. The scooters were gone this week and the place was still clean. It has been mentioned that the group occupying the area have seven counts against them. Where or if this is being prosecuted is unknown at this time.

The lady at the old post office was still there. Here ADA accessibility is questionable. The encampment at Main with the two pit bulls seems to be consistently gone. Occasionally, they will come back at night but are gone in the morning and with all their belongings.

Fourth Street looks the same. There is no accessibility or “tent up” problems. The garbage can that won the prize last week has a friend at its side and two mattresses behind it.

Hampton, south of Rose, has two separate encampments and each looks in compliance with the “tents down” and accessibility.

Hampton, north of Rose, thanks to two business establishments on the west side Hampton, is as clean as one can find. There is no sign of any encampment having been there after 10 am. Both businesses wake the people in the morning and then clean the sidewalk. This is what Hampton on the east side of the street used to look like. Many of the stable homeless moved to the west side of the street.

Seventh Ave has fewer tents and seems to have a quieter crowd. Actually, noise comes at night when the working people are asleep. Tents are up and it is not ADA accessible.

Penmar Park is so different than what it was. It looks like a few more tents are up but it could be that one person is expanding. Garbage seems to be contained in a pile. The alley is starting to get some garbage but nothing like it was. First picture shows the overall area and what one would see from Rose. The other one shows part of one tenter’s expansion–patio!

And then there is the homeless group behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd. Please read the story about the alley mystery. The group was discovered a couple weeks ago and the homeless themselves have tried to clean it up, little by little. SLO Adrian Acosta says Sanitation has been notified.

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  1. Tyler D

    Such a complicated problem. What is the intermediate and longer term solution to the problem and why doesn’t exist in Santa Monica to the current degree (I definitely remember the opposite being the case in the 1990s)?

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