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Alley, Street, Court or Home for the Homeless

The alley that goes from northeast corner of Venice Blvd north to Victoria and is between the businesses on Lincoln Blvd and Prospect, Superior is a mystery. Almost no way in or out unless…

Users of the alley claim it is a public alley and trash used to be picked up … but the trash trucks had to back up and that was 10 years ago.

On the other hand, one end is stopped and access is next to the Thai restaurant off Lincoln and one does mean next to Thai restaurant wall. One lady who has lived on Superior forever claims access used to be off Venice where the Deux Machina restaurant is. That is very feasible but it had to be prior to 1980 according to this writers’ records. And then there is another fence blocking the alley at the Boys and Girls club.

One person is using the alley as part of his business, one is using it to extend his parking lot or maybe two are using it to extend their parking lots.

Todd who manages the body shop said the United Methodist church got a variance and blocked the alley on the north end and that was more than25 years ago, actually it was before 1980 according to this writers’ records.

Everyone was forthright in their explanations. The fence behind the Boys and Girls club was erected by body shop and Boys and Girls club to keep the tenters from going thru the body shop and sleeping in cars. That was 10 years ago, All trash is being handled from Lincoln or Superior.

Now to the crux of this tale.

All of this chaos and mystery of this story leads to the fact that the alley has left room for 8 to 10 tenters on drugs directly behind houses on Superior and behind the Thai restaurant and the Boys and Girls Club of Venice.

Because of all the publicity, tenters are now busy carry “stuff” out of the area as fast as they can. SLO Adrian Acosta wrote to this writer that he had contacted Sanitation. Tenters have cleaned up and it looks totally different than when first discovered a couple weeks ago. (See also Encampment Update — 15 March.)

The lady in the house on Superior is sick and her dog is sick and she believes it is due to the homeless. One fellow did have scabs on his hands and face but he had just gotten out of the emergency care for his arm. Am sure the doctors would have given him treatment for the scabs.

Everyone has called the police and they say the police claim nothing can be done. Really! This is a public alley. It is a throughway.

Actually, it it not an alley. It is called Prospect Court. Just what that means in this instance, this writer has no idea. The width varies from 15 to 16 feet. Many alleys in Venice are 15 feet. The lady who lives on Superior says it is a street.

It has been used as an alley even when the trucks had to back up but that stopped about 10 years ago because of the fence the body shop and boys and girls club put in place to protect themselves.

Robert who has been the spokesperson for the group is the most thoughtful homeless person this writer has met. He was in a motorcycle accident and got hooked on the pain pills. As a consequence he lost his wife and child and lives on the street. But he, of all the homeless, will not always be on the street.

So where are we City, Police, Residents, Commercial operators?

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  1. Pinky

    If “Robert” is so “thoughtful”, why did he make such a mess of his life? With the except of the truly mentally challenged left to their own devices — thank you ACLU — most of these bums are responsible for their own actions and bad decisions. The consequences of these actions and indulgence of bums by so-called “homeless advocates” had led to this fiasco.

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