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Johann Explains Many a Frustration in Venice

Note: There are stories like this of the Venice Scene throughout the internet. Update selected this one because it was well written and best exemplified the frustration felt by all who have written such emails recently.

By Kathryn Johann

My neighbor Kyle Arbaugh was kind enough to pay to have four planter boxes in an area outside on Indiana Avenue where homeless had been sleeping & was constantly covered with tents, hypodermic needles and garbage.

I couldn’t of been happier with some progress being made and contributed plants to help make the area nicer.

I have called the cops maybe 15-25 times in the last few months because of homeless fighting, screaming all night, doing drugs and living in an encampment within 5 feet of my gate.

I walked out of my gate yesterday to find a man sleeping on the sidewalk with the garbage spilling into the streets. I bet the huge pile of garbage will continue to be in the street for weeks or months to come. How is this my everyday life when I pay a fortune for my beautiful bungalow?

I always see people organizing beach clean ups, but what about our streets and sidewalks? Where is the funding to clean up the garbage everywhere? I can’t even drive my car down my alley to my garage because it’s such a constant disaster. I mean it’s honestly just insane what goes on.

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  1. Michelle Oliver

    What happened to the guy who was staying in that tent ? Did they just wait until he wasn’t around then go over there and tear his tent down, throw it in the gutter and put those planters in to keep him from coming back ?

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