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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAnow Rolls Out On-Demand Shuttle With Pickup Locations

LAnow, a smartphone app, is available to provide one with transportation from pickup point to pickup point.  It is an on-demand shuttle provided by the Department of Transportation for Del Rey, Mar Vista, Venice, Palms, weekdays from 6 am to 7 pm.

Get the app at ladottransit.com/LAnow or by calling 818-493-6211 to set up an account.  One can go to a pickup station and ride the shuttle. Shuttle is $1.50 for adults, seniors $.75, and kids under four free.  People with disabilities also ride free.

Stops in Venice are: Lincoln and Rose, Washington and Dell, Venice at Beethoven (Mar Vista).

Councilman Mike Bonin, who announced the program this week, said that “If successful, we’ll look to grow the pilot to include nights, weekends, and more neighborhoods. Studies have shown that nearly half of all trips in LA are under three miles, but that nearly 90% of those short trips are taken by car. If we can offer people a convenient alternative like LAnow, I am confident that we will all enjoy the benefits of reduced traffic congestion in our neighborhoods.”


Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    Bonin has a child and leaves Venice for Mar Vista. Why? Because his policies built up homeless encampments all over Venice making it unsafe to raise kids. Then Bonin institutes the ROAD DIET in Mar Vista so the folks in Venice can’t drive to work and get out of Venice. Total A-hole who’s brain is deranged from all the crystal meth he smoked recently. He’s also a recovering alcoholic (they never fully recover).

  2. Kbulo

    Will I need to take a scooter or an Uber/ Lyft to get to the pick up spots to the shuttle so I can take the expo line?!

  3. Bad Idea Bonin

    Why is Boning bragging about spending precious tax dollars on something that private businesses already provide? Never mind the scooters and bikes littering every corner. Every one of this guy’s ideas are dumber than the last. It’s like the city pouring sales tax money into rental Metro bikes. Are city bureaucrats the only ones who haven’t noticed the onslaught of dockless bikes?

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