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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Bridge Housing for Venice to go to City Council 19 March

By Darryl DuFay

The “Bridge Housing” at the MTA lot is right back with us but with so much more information.The cost motion is tentatively set to go before the City Council 19 March.

Two issues:  The “Bridge” costs.   The CEQA “Categorical Exemption” Report.


The Motion (see below) was reviewed at the Homeless and Poverty Committee on March 8th where Bonin is a member.  Referred to the City Council and tentatively scheduled for March 19th. It confirms the extraordinary increase in the cost of Mayor Gil Garcetti’s “Bridge-Home” project for 1,500 beds, one hundred in each of the 15 Council Districts.

The “trial” “Bridge” housing, “El Pueblo” is near Olivera St.  It has 45 beds instead of 100.  Cost: $2.4 million instead of $1.3 million, which came to $53,333 per bed.  The Motion is for the MTA lot at 100 E. Sunset Ave.  Notice that $5,000,000 was authorized but that is would exceed that amount.  To replace that shortfall they are getting $3 million from the CA Community Foundation.  And, just magically, 154 units for the project at $53,333 per bed is $8,213,000 and available.  What an unforeseen coincidence!  That cost doesn’t cover services, food, and upkeep.  Those original costs at “El Pueblo” were estimated at $1.2 million per year but the MTA project is three and half times larger in beds alone.  Oh and it is transitional, temporary, and will be torn down in three years.

The California Community Foundation who awarded the grant has 1.75 Billion in assets.


Starting with the Council File 18-0510 (see below).  This is a Homelessness and Poverty Committee page.  It contains the Board of Public Works’ Bureau of Engineering CEQA “Categorical Exemption” report for the “Bridge Housing” project at 100 E. Sunset Ave. — the MTA lot.  The Report is 506 pages. 72 pages of introduction/summary and the rest attachments, which were done by a company called Parsons.





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