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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 8 March

Welcome to Venice. Two chaps on northwest corner of Lincoln and Washington are beating on a water bottle and an empty orange bucket thinking they are making music. Perhaps, it is time to get the names of the nearest relatives and show them what their loved ones are so proudly doing in Venice. It would be a good thing for a local charity to take this on–communicate with relatives.

One person, suggested that the parents or guardians of those under 18 should be notified and charged for all damages incurred by their cherubs.

Last week had a lot of rain and that makes the debris flow to the drains but cleans the streets. There does not seem to be an influx of tenters at the places covered; nor is there a drastic decrease.

Venice Blvd at Farmers Market needs to get the sign situation solved. The signs are such that they do not properly cover the landscape area of the Farmers Market as explained in last week’s Update. At present time, one of the resident – fellows on Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd feels very entitled. He came after this writer, across two lanes of traffic, and do not know what he said but this writer remembers what was said to him and he backed off.

Who are these people who feel entitled to tell people what they can and cannot do?   Who are these people who feel entitled enough to set up living in a public area or even a private area?  This chap is on private property and with the proper sign, he will be removed. Right now he is telling all that he does not have to leave. Think this guy did not want his picture taken. Well, he is in a public place.

The one who came after this writer is just stepping off the curb.

Both the car and the brown van on North Venice Blvd with all the stuff on top of and hanging out of were  gone. The brown van that people claimed had not been moved was impounded by SLO Jennifer Munther. The van owner removed all the stuff from the van and used areas on both North and South Venice Blvd landscaping. Below is the stuff removed and on North Venice Blvd. What happened to the stuff on South Venice Blvd is not known.

During the week, tents were up on the private property of Farmers Market and the BID Clean Team told them they had to be removed.

The Grand Canal still remains unoccupied. Someone dropped off a couple of scooters and ran them down the ramp but not in the water.

The lady at the old post office continues to accumulate and accumulate. She is now not ADA compliant but there are so many things happening in Venice.

There are fewer tents on 4th than last week. On the other side of 4th Ave, people are stowing their stuff between the planters while 3rd is being cleaned.  One of the trash cans takes the prize.

Hampton, south of Rose, was about the same. Whether the bolt holding the tent down is still there is not known.

Hampton, north of Rose, is compliant and has been for the last couple of weeks. On the east side there are no tenters. On the west side two business people wake people up at 6:30 and then clean the sidewalks. Mary who was mentioned a couple weeks ago said she really appreciated the sidewalk being cleaned.

Seventh behind Whole Foods seems to be getting a few more people and they are inclined to break the rules. The whole street is not ADA compliant, nor are the tents down. That is SLO Adrian Acosta’s area. His cell is 310-622-3973; email: 37285@LAPD.online.

Penmar Park seems to be the same. Looks like each tenter is making a garbage pile.

The area at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd has not had Sanitation’s cleaning touch. One fellow said the tenters were taking trash out and dumping where they could. It looked much better. SLO Adrian Acosta said Sanitation had been asked to clean up the area.

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  1. GA

    Those guys on the corner of Lincoln and Washington walk into traffic and actually knock on car windows demanding money. Called LAPD a few times but theyre just back within hours doing the same thing

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